Fall Fashion | The Season’s Trendiest Handbags

Fall is here, well almost, but the weather is sure starting to feel like it.  I recently did a post on Top 10 Fall Fashion trends, and it prompted me to write this post, because no bags were featured.  I know that “accessories” were mentioned, but not specifically the trend for bags.  Bags are a such a huge part of an outfit, how can we leave them out of the mix?!

So, here’s my run down on some of Fall’s most trendiest bags:

Stella & Dot has a cute collection of patterned totes styled bags:


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The Top 10 | Fall Fashion Trends


 10 Fall Fashion Trends

I love fashion, and I’ll be having the baby just in time to slip back into some Fall fashion!  I’ve been paying close attention to the upcoming trends, seeing what the celebrities are wearing, what’s in stores, and what I see on people when I’m out and about.  A lot of the trends are super transition pieces, or you can literally where them all year long.  I love this because, I recently did a clothing haul and I think, with the except of the harem pants and a few others on the list, I didn’t do half bad!  Plus, with baby coming the shopping shifts from me to baby…for pretty much the rest of eternity, or until baby (and subsequent child, God-willing we have more) get 18 or actually that’s 22 with college and all.
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