Baby Buys Haul ~ Old Navy & JC Penney’s

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Baby Buys Haul | NewMamaDiaries.blogspot.comSo Saturday I found myself back out at Old Navy, I know…I know, getting more baby clothes.  I’ve unleashed a beast!  However, its now without good cause and reason.  My poor kid didn’t really have any clothes, since we are team GREEN, we hadn’t really done any clothes shopping for little one.  Also, I couldn’t pass up Old Navy’s 30% baby sale.  I’m still getting my extra 10% for opening up the card, so in essence I got 40% off everything.  Plus…..I had I a $10 off $50 coupon.  And to bonus the whole thing, the cashier checked my previous receipt to see if I could get a price adjustment on anything I’d previous purchased from my last trip their.  I was also returning two items, so that also took off from my purchase total.

At JC Penney, they had a sale on their Carter’s collection, so the items were already discounted.  I used a $20 off $100 purchase and got so much for the money I spent.  I know for a fact that I’ll be hitting Jacques Pennay back until once baby gets here.  They have a really nice baby and kids clothes section for some pretty reasonable prices, considering they are always running promotions on them.

The items were at such a good deal and I didn’t want to miss out.  Since I’ll be having the baby in about a month’s time, shopping now allows me time to take things back that I won’t need.  So the boy clothes I got, if it’s a girl, I have plenty of time to take them back and vice versa.  Fortunately, both stores have great return policies that extend 60 days for more.  I did stay away from clearance items, because sometimes stores can be funny about them and honestly I didn’t feel like filtering through the racks.

I got a lot of goodies, you can check my video here to see my most recent baby clothes haul:

The items (for me) I purchased at Macy’s, I’ll be taking back.  I ended up getting stuff at Target that will be a better fit for me immediately after baby is born.  It also didn’t help that the lady who was working in the Maternity clothes section was extremely rude.  I literally walked half way across the store to the intimates department to check, because she was so rude and had a bad attitude.  She left a horrible taste in my mouth, even though the cashier in intimates was so nice and sweet.

As I digress, what’s sparking your attention lately with shopping.  Fall fashion?  Back to school stuff?  Early holiday shopping? – Let know know, I’d love to hear!


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One thought on “Baby Buys Haul ~ Old Navy & JC Penney’s

  1. I am extremely cheap, so in addition to always checking resale shops, I would be looking at summer clearance right now. I mostly guess what sizes my kids will be in next year, bigger is usually better than smaller :)

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