Baby This Week | 30 Weeks

30 Weeks Pregnant

Folks we are officially in the 30s!  The 8th month is right around the corner and I have roughly anywhere between 7-10 weeks left until baby is here!
The Facts – Baby is measuring close to 15 1/2 inches long and weighs about 2 1/2 – 3 lbs. He or she now almost fills up my entire uterine cavity, and baby’s arms and legs have grown much plumper, thanks to the continued growth of subcutaneous fat!  By 30 weeks, little one’s eyelids open and close. However, he or she will keep his eyes closed for most of the day though. When baby’s eyes are open, they will be able to track light inside of my womb, though baby’s vision isn’t “perfect” or 20/20. Lanugo, or fine hair that once covered little one’s body, will start falling off this week.  In the coming weeks, the volume of amniotic fluid in my belly will decrease as your baby continues to gain weight and take up more space.  Baby’s brain continues to develop at a rapid pace this week as well.  Another interesting fact: baby’s grip is now strong enough to grasp a finger.

Baby – I can tell little one is running out of room.  I feel this kid from right under my boobs to way down low and all in my ribs, even going around to my back.  The movements this week, while stronger, have changed since last week.  I feel really strong kicks, but they appear to be slightly more infrequent than last week.  This week its more all over movement and rolls.  This kid is getting settled in and I’m pretty sure is head down.  The stronger movements are definitely higher up, and lighter movements down low, but definitely still noticeable.  Baby is more active at night as well lately and early in the morning.  This is different from previous weeks when baby tended to be more active only when I was hungry or in the evenings.  Little one seems to like salty foods versus sweets, which is so funny since I have such a big sweet tooth.  Baby seems to respond to savory dishes, rather than sweet ones.  I’m okay with that, hopefully this kid won’t get my picky appetite.  Little one is still very interactive, so if I poke or mash my belly he or she will usually jab or kick back.   The same thing happens if I lay on my side, baby will start jucking and jiving in there.  It’s so cute!

Me – I really think my appetite is picking up this week.  I feel like I have been all day every day this week.  Unfortunately the portions are still child-size, but at least I’m feeling inclined to eat more instead of having to make myself.  Sleepiness is in full effect for sure, which is why I think I have started to eat more.  The more I eat, the less sleepy I feel and I’d rather stuff my face than feel sleepy.  I am really liking Reese’s Peanut Buttercups this week.  I didn’t know those bad boys had 5g of protein in them!  I did know that they are one of the most fattening candy bars out there.  I haven’t been into candy very much at all while pregnant, and I’m really only eating like one a day so far.  I’m not concerned, just surprised that my affinity for candy has returned all of a sudden.  Weight is up 1 lb from last week, so that puts me at 140 lbs pushing 141 lbs. I have gained slowly, but surely and I’m very happy with that.  Still no sign of stretch marks, thank goodness!  However, my belly is itchy again this week, so I have been slathering on the moisturizers.  Hair, skin, and nails are looking good…not major or drastic changes. No signs or swelling and I’m still wearing my rings and such. 

Hubs -  As usual Hubs likes to talk to the baby and provoke it by shaking my belly (lightly).  However, baby is starting to fight back at the most funniest times like bedtime.  One night baby was literally kickboxing on hubs’ back.  The other night I turned over and was the little spoon and Hubs put his hand on my belly and the baby was going wild in there.  I love that he can feel the baby and interact with it.  Its so nice to see him bonding with our child already. 

The excites builds!  See ya back next week for 31 weeks – eekk! 8 months pregnant, can’t believe it, but I love it!

Until next time folks!

Happy Bumping!


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Baby This Week | 29 Weeks 

29 weeks

What in the world is an acorn squash?  I don’t know either, but apparently baby is the size of it this week!

The facts – Baby is about two and a half pounds and about 15-17″ inches tall.  The adrenal glands are producing a chemical which will be made into estriol (a form of estrogen) by the placenta. This estriol is thought to stimulate the production of prolactin by the body, and the prolactin makes you produce milk.  This means if baby comes early, I’ll still be able to breastfeed.

Baby’s brain can detect rhythmic breathing and control body temperature, so he or she is less likely to need breathing assistance should they be born early. Little one is growing eyelashes, adding fat, and developing his or her brain. Because of brain wave activity, researchers have speculated that babies can even dream at this time! This week baby’s head is in proportion with the rest of its body.  Even more so, baby’s eyes can move in the sockets, and the muscles and lungs continue to mature. Bone marrow is now producing red blood cells, and fat continues to develop under baby’s skin. Baby may even begin to settle into the proper birthing position, however, there is still plenty of time (and some room) for them to turn and flip.  Doctor’s typically don’t start being concerned with this until about 34-36 weeks.

Baby – Holy moly this baby is strong!  Strong and all over the place I tell you!  It literally feels like I have a large human inside of me trying to break out sometimes…what a minute, that’s exactly what’s happening.  Well, I  don’t know about the break out part, but this kid is getting bigger by the day.  I can feel noticeable body parts, although I can’t differentiate what they are yet when baby moves.  Lately, I have been feeling something really hard hanging out nearly my ribs, I’m assuming its feet or legs.  Baby is active about 75-80% of the time

Me – I am so behind the ball this week!  I have had a pretty emotional week, but I don’t know if I can attribute it to pregnancy or not.  I’m leaning more towards not, because I just have a lot of external things going on that have me a little stressed right now.  Okay, now to get back on topic.  I have been exhausted, sleepy, unmotivated, and lazy…just being honest.  This baby is starting to pull from me like it did in the first trimester.  I’m also feeling a lot heavier and sleep is more and more uncomfortable and restless.  I can feel all the movements stronger, which gives me so much reassurance.  I still worry and put a lot of pressure on myself, but I’m trying to keep a balance.  I have totally fallen off my protein routine, so I plan to get back on that next week.  I have gotten completely bored with eating breakfast, or eating at all for that matter.  It’s to the point where I pretty much hate eating.  I have to eat when I’m not hungry and when I do I can’t even eat much, which stresses me out.  I do my best to snack and whatnot, but sometimes I still don’t feel like I’m getting enough.  Even more so, when I see my weight at a standstill for two weeks it’s frustrating.  I really feel like I’m just breaking down emotionally and just need a break from the routine and monotony.  My second shower is next weekend and I’m excited about it, but I’m also excited to just have some time off and away from the norm.  My belly hasn’t been as itchy this week, which is a nice break, but I kind like it itchy, because it lets me know its growing.  Speaking of my belly, I’m pretty sure I’m pushing 35″, although in the morning its always smaller. It’s so weird, sometimes I feel like my bump is big and other times I feel like its small.  Nonetheless, I know there’s a baby growing in there, so that’s all that matters.  I still can’t really tell what position baby is in, but I am feeling movements in different areas than previous weeks.  I’m pretty sure baby changed positions, but to what and where, I couldn’t tell you.  I know there is still plenty of time for baby to flip into any position, so I’m not too overly concerned.  Each passing week brings more and more anticipation for this little guy or girl to get here.  I’m really getting stoked to get this kid here, but not for 10ish more weeks!

Hubs – Not much really going on this week.  He is mainly eager like I am for baby to get here.  We are still working out everything job and moving wise, but things are looking up.  We are simply just in a period of transition and I know we will soon have more certainty.  Hubs is interacting more with the baby, and usually gets nudged back by it with he pokes and prods at it.  He is still keeping me moisturized and sends me to bed at night when I try to stay up too late.  I say we both keep each other on track.  As much alike as we were, we are completely different.  In part because he has that Y chromosome that makes him do stuff that just doesn’t make sense to me at times, but I’m pretty sure he feels the same way about me sometimes.

It’s 30 weeks next week folks!  Less than 3 months left and so exciting!  Until then…I’ll see ya ’round.

Happy bumping!


Thoughts From A Preggo | So What Wednesday…

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Yep, its hump day…so I’m here with my “so what’s” to get over the hump!  Two more days till the weekend, yay!
So what…if I’m on an ice cream fix this week.  I blame it on pregnancy ;-)
So what…that although I’m happy we are having some cooler weather here in Va, that I’m not ready to let go of the 90-degree days.  What can I say, I’m from the South.
So what…if my toes need to be painted.  Do you know how hard it is to paint your toes while 7 months pregnant?!
So what…that I’m over summetime tv.  Although I’m not quite ready for the Fall, I’m ready for Fall tv.  I’m not sure how much I will be watching with a brand new baby, but any little bit I can squeeze in will be good.
So what…that I totally wish I could work half days at work.  I get sooo sleepy after lunch.  I’ll take the extended lunches, in which I usually nap for about 30 minutes in the meantime.
Alright party people, that’s all I got for now.
Happy Hump Day, or as I like to say Happy Hump Day, Bump Day!


Thing’s I’m Loving | The Top 10 [7.21 - 7.27]

Here’s what I’m loving lately! What about you??
1. Tide Vivid White & Bright Detergent
2. Nature Valley Granola
3. Coupons
4. Cranberry Coast Dried Cranberries
5. Chocolate Milk
6. Baby Kicks!
7. My cell phone cover
8. Skirts
9. Cantaloupe
10. Nectarines/Plums
*Bonus:  Jay-Z’s Tom Ford
Happy bumping!

2nd Trimester In Review

Second Trimester In Review

Since I’m officially in the third trimester, I though I’d post a review (in pictures) of me throughout the second trimester.

I have been doing updates on my blog since 17 weeks, so I’ll spare you an entire recap on the trimester. You can always read through what was going on in each weekly update.  I also have a channel where I post weekly update videos, so you can see me live and kinda in person there.

Second Trimester Collage

All in all, the second trimester wasn’t bad at all.  I’ll say that I didn’t really have the whole honeymoon affect that they talk about.  Your supposed to get this great boost of energy and feel great, but I pretty much felt the same as I felt in the first trimester. The major differences were appetite increase (although not much!), my growing belly (pretty inevitable), and no nausea – I think I only threw up once during the entire trimester and that was because I got car sick.

I’m looking forward to riding out the rest of this third trimester and I am so excited for baby to get here in October.  I’m so happy to be able to take you all on this journey with me.  Stay tuned for weekly updates and other baby-themed posts as I progress through the next 12 weeks.

Happy bumping!


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