Creating The Perfect Registry for Your Baby Shower


As many of you know I had two baby showers, you can read about them here and here!  While that doesn’t make me the subject matter expert, I do know a good bit about creating a comprehensive registry.  As a matter of fact, I still have my registries up and will leave them up until they expire.  The reason I still have them up is because they serve as a shopping list of some sort of things I may still need for baby.  Even if you don’t plan on having a shower, you should do a registry.  You can choose to do one online through your major baby retailers like Babies R’ Us and Buy Buy Baby, big box stores like Target or Wal-Mart, or an online merchant like *.  There are also many other merchants that you can create wishlists of products directly on their site, like Brica

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Breastfeeding | How to Know If Your Baby Is Getting Enough Milk


I decided long before my son was born that I would exclusively breastfeed.  I’d heard all of the stories of why women don’t, from baby never latching correctly to having a low milk supply.  When I was pregnant I hoped that I would have none of these issues, and so far I’ve been blessed not to.  However, it is very important to me that my son gets the proper and adequate nutrition he needs.  We had his two week check up and he is putting on weight and everything with him is good, and I want it to stay that way.

I was very excited when my daily What To Expect email had an article on baby getting adequate breast milk.  Many moms, including myself, worry that their breastfed baby might not be getting enough milk.  I thought I would share with you some of the the ways in which you can tell if your baby is getting enough milk. 

Tracking your baby’s feedings, weight gain, and diaper output is the best way to determine if your baby is getting enough milk.

1. Monitor baby’s weight. Keep track of how often you’re breastfeeding your baby (the goal is eight to 12 times per 24 hours) and monitor baby weight gain. Infants should gain weight steadily every week; four to seven ounces per week is typical, although weight gain will vary depending on age and other factors. Your pediatrician will let you know if your baby’s growth is on track.

2. Count dirty diapers. Although it’s probably something you never expected to do, keep a careful count of those wet and soiled diapers: Your newborn should be pumping out eight to 12 dirty diapers with clear to very pale yellow urine and at least five soft, yellow bowel movements over a 24-hour period. For the first several weeks, it’s a good idea to keep a written record (you’ll be too tired to keep it all in your head) of breastfeeding frequency and diaper output — you can even bring it along to the pediatrician’s at each visit so you’ll have your facts and figures handy when you’re asked about those dirty diapers.

3. Watch baby’s disposition. If your baby seems happy and content after most feedings, then chances are she’s a satisfied customer and is getting enough milk. If she’s crying and fussing or sucking on her fingers frantically after a full feeding, she might still be hungry (though these can also be signs of gas or infant colic).

What If You Need Help?

Before you leave the hospital or birthing center, a lactation consultant will likely visit you and observe you feeding your baby to make sure you’re on the right track and that your baby is getting enough milk (if a consultant doesn’t pay you a call, make sure you ask for one). She can also offer tips on caring for nursing breasts, how and when to express milk, and may provide you with literature to take home. If you’re having problems when you get home, talk to your baby’s doctor or a nurse who specializes in lactation, or find a lactation consultant in your area through the International Lactation Consultant Association or your local La Leche League (see the Resource Directory for links). Friends and family members who have nursed will be happy to offer you an ear and reassurance that the bumps of the first few days and weeks do eventually smooth out — just as the pain of your engorged breasts and sore nipples will ease.


Whether you are currently breastfeeding or plan to in the future, I hope this was helpful!


Motherhood | Life With A Newborn


I’ve been a mother for a little over a week now and I have been loving it. Even through the sleepless nights and countless diapers changes, it has been wonderful!  Every time I look at my son’s (and yes…that feels good to say!) little face my heart melts.  Its not just the cute face with chubby cheeks, big brown eyes, and ear-pleasing coos that he makes, it’s the entire gravity of being a mother now.  I’ve always wanted children, for as long as I can remember!  I’m the youngest child in my family, so I never had the experience of seeing my mom pregnant or having a baby brother or sister.  Continue reading

Thoughts of A Preggo | Being Tested…


I thought that I’d been tested in life before, but I have realized that I haven’t.  I have already written a post, here, about patiently waiting for my little one to come.  I’m nearly 41 weeks, actually 1 day away and it doesn’t look like little has any plans of coming soon.  Maybe little one does, who knows?  As a woman, I feel like I’ve done something wrong.  I keep going over in my mind, why am I not going into labor?  Why isn’t my body doing what its supposed to do?  Why isn’t nature taking its course?  I have a body that works like clockwork.  I always had a normal period, whether I was on birth control or not.  I think to myself, my due date couldn’t have been off.  I know exactly when my last period was and I’m pretty certain of the conception date as well.  So that seems to be reason #1 out the window.  Reason #2, I’m a first time mom, this is my first baby.  Yes, this is a very valid reason, but there are plenty of women who have first babies all the time and go into labor naturally.  Reason #3, maybe subconsciously I’m just not ready or my body isn’t.  Continue reading

Thoughts from a Preggo | Patiently Waiting…


I’m a day past my due date, I refuse to use the term “overdue”.  I’m not a package of meat that’s expired or an unpaid bill.  Yes, I know due dates are estimates, so you can’t take them to be set in stone.  It’s my first baby, and my body has never been through any of this before.  However, waiting…patiently messes with my two biggest character flaws.  This post is not about me whining about being past my due date, but more about character flaws and how they can humble you.  I have to say that pregnancy as a whole has brought out basically all of my character flaws.  From discipline to patience to not dealing with uncertainty well.  I have learned so much about myself since becoming pregnant.  I never thought, literally, never thought I would.  I always viewed pregnancy as this idyllic, picturesque thing that women go through.  Well, for me it’s not or rather hasn’t been.  Truth be told I have absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to being pregnant.  If you’ve read my updates, from the first one to the most recent one, you can see that.  Physically, I’ve done very well throughout my entire pregnancy.  I’ve had my hormonal moments, but I have been pretty balanced believe it or not.  Continue reading

What’s In My Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag

Baby can literally come any day now, even though my due date is still about 2 weeks away. I thought it was fitting that I get my bag together for the hospital. Most of the items will be last minute drop-ins, but a few are things that are essential. I put off getting my bag together, because I tend to get overwhelmed when it comes to packing in general. Continue reading