Creating The Perfect Registry for Your Baby Shower


As many of you know I had two baby showers, you can read about them here and here!  While that doesn’t make me the subject matter expert, I do know a good bit about creating a comprehensive registry.  As a matter of fact, I still have my registries up and will leave them up until they expire.  The reason I still have them up is because they serve as a shopping list of some sort of things I may still need for baby.  Even if you don’t plan on having a shower, you should do a registry.  You can choose to do one online through your major baby retailers like Babies R’ Us and Buy Buy Baby, big box stores like Target or Wal-Mart, or an online merchant like *.  There are also many other merchants that you can create wishlists of products directly on their site, like Brica

You’ll want to have your registry created long before you even send out your invites.  By the time people get your invites, you want to have a solid registry for people to choose what to get you and baby from. A good and comprehensive registry should include the following categories:


While all 10 categories are super important, don’t skip on the Gear category.  Whether or no you’re a busy on the go working mama or a SAHM, every mama needs her gear!  One of the best items for errand running or travelling is the Brica Infant Car Seat Comfort Canopy.

The comfort canopy gives your baby a cool, shady hideaway on your picnics or trips to the park with this retractable cover for your infant car seat. The breathable mesh lets the fresh air in while keeping out bugs, wind, and germs from overly friendly strangers. A retractable rain and sun cover blocks over 98% of damaging UVA/UVB rays and can be tucked away in a zippered pocket when not in use.

Here are just a few of the features:

  • Innovative design works with your car seat/stroller travel system or lets you carry your car seat with the canopy on
  • Retractable UPF 50+ rated sun cover blocks 98% of UVA and UVB radiation (when sun cover is in place)
  • Easy to use – fits all major brands and comes off in seconds
  • Mesh fabric provides air flow, visibility and privacy
  • Does not interfere with infant car seat handle
  • Zippered front closure for easy access to your baby
  • Reflective safety strip provides visibility at night
  • Includes zippered carrying case

The one thing I really like is how lightweight, convenient, and can easily be packed away in your diaper bag.  Look how it folds right into itself.  Right up my alley, because with a baby or kids in general you already have a ton of things in tow.

photo (2)

Hubs & I can’t wait for next summer to travel and take our son out to enjoy some summer fun.  We will definitely be using the canopy cover to take baby out and enjoy the sunshine safely and in the most healthy way possible.  If have a newborn now (like I do), are pregnant now, or planning to be soon, this is a great item to add your registry or pick up. 

Want more on creating the perfect registry, shower, or general preparation for baby?  Well your in luck!  This post is the first in a new series of Baby Prep posts I’ll be doing.  Feel free to submit any questions you may have on baby prep, so that I can include and address them in upcoming posts. – Can’t wait to hear!

Disclosure:  I was sent the Brica Infant Car Seat Comfort Canopy for review.  I am not an affiliate for Brica.  All opinions are 100% my own. Please note that I only review products that I feel uphold the integrity of

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