True Colors

Maya Angelou Quote

You meet people, like them, let your guard down and then what do they do:  show you their true colors.  I quote Maya Angelou when I say this “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”  To me, this means when people really show you who they are.  Sometimes this is not the first time you meet them, or the after a month or year.  Sometimes, its after several months or years.  Its that moment when they wrong you.  You really learn people when they do something wrong to you.  If they apologize and you’re able to call it square, them usually they’re okay.  However, if they end up throwing a rock and hiding their hand, well then that tells you who they really are right there.  A liar is a liar is a liar.  You have to call it what it is. Continue reading

NaBloPoMo | My Proudest Accomplishment


My biggest accomplishment by far would be having my son and becoming a mother. Yes, I’ve graduated college, served my country, gotten married, but none of those things match the blessing of becoming a mother. All those things have made me who I am, and prepared me in different ways for motherhood. I know for a fact that I became more selfless after joining the Marine Corps. You have no choice but to be. As a Marine, especially an officer, you always put your Marines first.

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NaBloPoMo | Love to Love


I could go on and go about love, but I would seriously write a book here people!  I love to love, always have, always will.  I love God, my child, my husband, myself, and my family.  Yes, in that exact order.  I’m a God-fearing woman, and I feel like if you put God first then everything else falls into place.  I wouldn’t have met my husband and fallen in love, gotten married, and had our son without the love of God.  It is my show love and faith in Him that bestows his blessings onto me and my family.

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Thoughts of A Preggo | Being Tested…


I thought that I’d been tested in life before, but I have realized that I haven’t.  I have already written a post, here, about patiently waiting for my little one to come.  I’m nearly 41 weeks, actually 1 day away and it doesn’t look like little has any plans of coming soon.  Maybe little one does, who knows?  As a woman, I feel like I’ve done something wrong.  I keep going over in my mind, why am I not going into labor?  Why isn’t my body doing what its supposed to do?  Why isn’t nature taking its course?  I have a body that works like clockwork.  I always had a normal period, whether I was on birth control or not.  I think to myself, my due date couldn’t have been off.  I know exactly when my last period was and I’m pretty certain of the conception date as well.  So that seems to be reason #1 out the window.  Reason #2, I’m a first time mom, this is my first baby.  Yes, this is a very valid reason, but there are plenty of women who have first babies all the time and go into labor naturally.  Reason #3, maybe subconsciously I’m just not ready or my body isn’t.  Continue reading