Fall Fashion | The Season’s Trendiest Handbags

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Fall is here, well almost, but the weather is sure starting to feel like it.  I recently did a post on Top 10 Fall Fashion trends, and it prompted me to write this post, because no bags were featured.  I know that “accessories” were mentioned, but not specifically the trend for bags.  Bags are a such a huge part of an outfit, how can we leave them out of the mix?!

So, here’s my run down on some of Fall’s most trendiest bags:

Stella & Dot has a cute collection of patterned totes styled bags:


Coach is one of my all time favorites!  I’ve had several Coach bags over the years and I currently carry one now.  I’m loving their Fall styles:


Tory Burch is sophisticated, cutting edge, yet practical:



Who doesn’t love Michael Kors.  Always a staple with handbag fashion:



So there’s my rundown!  What about yours?  What bags are you carrying throughout the Fall season?


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