NaBloPoMo | Why I Love A Good Book [Cover]

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I be honest I don’t read too many traditional books.  I used to when I was younger, like in middle and high school, but in recent years I haven’t.  I can count the number of actual physical books I’ve read in recent years and it might be two.  However, I do know that if a book has an interesting cover that it catches my eye.  At the least, I will pick the book up and read the back or the prologue to see what its about.  Most of the books I do read these days are how-to books, cookbooks, or self-image/makeup-up/fashion/beauty.  I’m not so much for novels, because I never really take the time out to dive into one and get lost in it.  With the internet and social media, its so easy to get caught up in reading the ‘instant’, than reading a real book.The one book that I do read is the Bible.  I do have the app on my phone, and reference it the most, because its always with me.  Yet, I always have a physical bible close by.  I keep one in my suitcase when I travel and in my car as well.  I’ll be honest, I could do much more reading of the bible.  I’m very strong in my faith and pray everyday, but I really want to get a better understanding of the good book. In my opinion, the Bible is one of the best novel out there.  Whether you believe that its fiction or non-fiction, its has some great stories.  The funny thing is that the one book I always keep in mind and that I’m most interested in doesn’t have a cover.  The irony, but its clearly the exception.

I’m that person that would rather watch the movie than read the book.  I’m also that person that would watch a movie or read a book from back to front.  I’m an incredibly inpatient person, which is part of the reason I’m not much of a book person.  I like to know what happens from the jump.  While I have a very active and vivid imagination, I’m extremely visual.  I guess this is why I’ve always been a magazine girl.   Magazines are colorful, and pleasing to the eye, unlike books that are just black words on white paper.  If I had it my way, every novel would include pictures on every page, kind of like a comic book.  This way we could use our imagination and see how the author sees it.  I always wonder about the perspective of the author when reading a book, I wouldn’t have to if they included pictures.  Okay, so I realize how silly and juvenile this sounds, but it really is the way my brain works.

I think if I were to ever write a book, it would be a children’s book, just so I could include pictures.  If anything my book would definitely have a kick-butt cover.  To me the cover is what sells the book, unless your Stephen King or some other world renown author.  The cover is what makes you question what is really going to happen in the book.  I’m sure I’ve passed up many great books, just because they didn’t have a good cover, but I’m okay with that.  I’m always open to recommendations however.  If someone says a book is a good read, I’m more than willing to give it a go…pictures or not!

You know I gotta hear it! – Are you big on pictures or a really visual person?  Would you rather read a book with no cover and go completely off of your own imagination? Or do like me and have a fond appreciation for illustration?

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One thought on “NaBloPoMo | Why I Love A Good Book [Cover]

  1. I guess I wouldn’t mind reading a really great book, but like you said, I just don’t have the time. I enjoy reading the blogs I follow and most importantly my Bible. I read at night usually before I fall asleep. I use the app only now because I think my toddler would kill those pages if I tried to leave that around the house. Great post, love. :)
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