NaBloPoMo | Why I Love A Good Book [Cover]


I be honest I don’t read too many traditional books.  I used to when I was younger, like in middle and high school, but in recent years I haven’t.  I can count the number of actual physical books I’ve read in recent years and it might be two.  However, I do know that if a book has an interesting cover that it catches my eye.  At the least, I will pick the book up and read the back or the prologue to see what its about.  Most of the books I do read these days are how-to books, cookbooks, or self-image/makeup-up/fashion/beauty.  I’m not so much for novels, because I never really take the time out to dive into one and get lost in it.  With the internet and social media, its so easy to get caught up in reading the ‘instant’, than reading a real book. Continue reading