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Hey all you fashionista’s out there! I’m sure you already know that accessories can transform any outfit. Whether your wearing jeans & a t-shirt or a cocktail dress, accessories are an absolute must have!

Statement jewelry can instantly transform everything from t-shirts to dresses! Fall is fashion’s favorite time of the year, and Stella & Dot is perfectly fresh for the season.

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Etsy Shop Feature | Plum Lace Wrapped Beaded Earrings

FREE SHIPPING Plum Lace Wrapped Beaded Earrings

Get a head start on your holiday gift shopping with this lovely set of earrings.  They are plum lace wrapped 10mm beads adorned with 6mm eggplant beads.  Versatile to wear with any outfit and perfect to gift.
Multiple quantities are available, as well as wholesale orders at request.

They are ready for shipment immediately.  You can find these earrings and more great pieces of jewelry in my Etsy shop -->Sweetz Shoppe Jewelry -->.


Natural Homemade Jewelry Cleaner


Every girl want’s to keep her diamonds (or any precious stone or metal) sparkly and shiny, especially me!  I typically clean my rings about once a week, but with that commercial stuff you buy at the jewelry store.  I thought this time I’d take my cleaning in a different direction and go natural! Continue reading

Six Essentials for every Woman’s Jewelry Box

Six To Mix!

Every woman should have six essentials in her jewelry. On any given day you’ll find a pair of studs in my ears, a cute statement necklace, and a little something sparkly on my hand (my wedding ring).  I’m able to build a complete look off of these essentials, which is all the more reason I make sure I keep them on hand.  Stella & Dot has gorgeous collections of six essentials that you should have in your . Continue reading

The Top 10 | Fall Fashion Trends


 10 Fall Fashion Trends

I love fashion, and I’ll be having the baby just in time to slip back into some Fall fashion!  I’ve been paying close attention to the upcoming trends, seeing what the celebrities are wearing, what’s in stores, and what I see on people when I’m out and about.  A lot of the trends are super transition pieces, or you can literally where them all year long.  I love this because, I recently did a clothing haul and I think, with the except of the harem pants and a few others on the list, I didn’t do half bad!  Plus, with baby coming the shopping shifts from me to baby…for pretty much the rest of eternity, or until baby (and subsequent child, God-willing we have more) get 18 or actually that’s 22 with college and all.
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Etsy Shop Feature | Chocolate Cupcake Earrings

Chocolate Cupcake Earrings | | |

Who doesn’t love a cupcake, its everyone’s favorite pastry. These are cute, fun and trendy!
I made these a few months back and they are totally fitting with my love of cupcakes and baking.  They are available now my -->Etsy --> shop, even though I’d love to sport them myself.  I also have a cute donut pendant necklace that I’ll be listing soon, because I just can’t get enough of my food jewelry.

What do you think about food inspired jewelry?

You can find these earrings here in my shop and its free shipping on them in the U.S.  Stay tuned for more features if you’re a jewelry lover (or just like looking at pretty things!).

Tenns Sig

Etsy Shop Feature | Keep Calm & Carry On Inspired Necklace

In keeping with the whole Keep Calm movement, I was inspired to create this necklace.  It’s a rustic crown pendant on a smooth dark silver chain.  Its understated and cute, and can be worn with pretty much anything.
Keep Calm & Carry On is all the rage and you are sure to get complimented on this piece.  Don’t be surprised when your asked where you got it from!  I love royalty inspired jewelry, so anything with a crown is represents royalty is right up my alley.  I was torn on whether to make this for myself or feature it in my shop.  Of course as you can see I went with the latter.

Check it out in my Etsy shop now!

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