Pampers® & CVS Fuss-Free Savings | No Leaks Sprung This Holiday Season

I love the holidays, its such a fun time of the year.  For my husband and I, and pretty much our entire family, its even more special this year.  The reason being for this extra specialness is because we now have a new little member, my son, to celebrate it with.  Even with all the traveling, ripping and running, and cold weather, it makes it all worth it to have this little guy here and bringing the extra holiday cheer.


Having a newborn during the holiday season is such a blessing, but it has been an adjustment.  It takes me twice as long to get out the door and run errands.  Where as I used to could drive all over town, running endless errands, that’s no longer practical.  Thank goodness there are places like CVS where I can run in and out and pick up things quickly.  Its so easy to run in and grab things to keep my diaper bag fully stocked.  As you moms know, you never want to get anywhere without those diaper bag essentials.  I made that mistake one good time and learned my lesson!

I always keep a hefty supply of diapers on hand in my diaper bag, because you just never know what can happen when it comes to babies.  My son averages about 8-10 diapers a day, so at any given time we’re out, I have to be prepared to change him at least once or twice.  My trusted diaper both at home and on the go is Pamper Swaddlers.  Pampers has recently come out with innovations across their diapers and wipes, which are all carried at CVS.  The one thing I really love about Swaddlers is how secure they are.

They were the very first diapers my son wore from the day he was born.  At the hospital I had him at, they were the only diapers they used and they worked so well, that they’re the only ones I trust.  We’ve never sprung a leak and or had a blowout that the diaper couldn’t handle.  I don’t know what I’d do if I were out and about, and had a diaper to give out on me.  Fortunately, with Pampers Swaddlers I haven’t had to experience that.


I’m a huge fan of the nifty leak indicator that Swaddlers come with, because it makes it easy to tell if the wet is or not.  It turns from yellow to blue once the diaper is wetted.  The great thing is that its not only in the front, but in the back as well.  So it even tells you when the diaper is dirty with #2.


The construction overall is quite impressive, as well as the soft flexible texture and fresh, slightly powdery smell.


Recently, my husband and I were on the way home from Christmas shopping and needed to stock back up on diapers and wipes.  It was pretty late and we had baby with us, so we had to make whatever stop we were going to make a quick one.  Baby was getting restless and we were pretty tired from shopping all evening.  I was able to run into CVS, grab both diapers and wipes and be on my merry way home.

I tell you, these wipes hands down are my fave.  I not only use them when changing my son, but for everything else.  They have become especially more useful since my son has discovered his hands and how “good” they taste.  I’m constantly wiping his little face and hands now because of this (and his overactive saliva glands!).


These things are a lifesaver!


The holidays  leave you with such limited time to do everything, I know they sure have for me. However, I do find ways to take a little bit of time out for myself everyday.  CVS has been able to help with this, because its never crowded when I go in, they always have a sale going on, and they have a go stock.  I’m in, out, and back to enjoying the holidays, not standing in line forever or going to a store that has the things I’m in need of out of stock.

If you’re running a quick errand or need to pick up some essentials, drop by your local CVS.  You’ll be in and out in now time with exactly what you need.  They also accept manufacturers coupons and have their own that you can use for extra savings!The holidays can be a stressful time, especially when you have a little one in diapers! It’s great to know that you can always count on your neighborhood CVS for fuss-free savings on Pampers.

Speaking of coupons!  I will be giving away a set of coupons, one for a free pack of Pampers diapers and the other for a free pack of wipes.  All you have to do is leave me a comment below!  I’ll be selecting a winner and mailing their prize by no later than Thursday, January 2.


The holidays can be a stressful time, especially when you have a little one in diapers! It’s great to know that you can always count on your neighborhood CVS for fuss-free savings on Pampers.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Good Luck & Have a Happy & Blessed Holidays!