5 Ways to Take Time Out for Yourself During The Holidays

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5 Ways Take Time Out for Yourself During The Holidays - NewMamaDiaries.comThe holiday season has been upon us for a few weeks now and its so easy to get caught up in it.  To me and my family, it’s the best time of the year and the presents have nothing to do with it.  We love spending time together, sharing, and just enjoying the season.  One of our favorite things to do is eat and shop during the season.  My mom and I are the big bakers in the family, so we take full advantage and bake up holiday goodies all season long.  Up until I had my son, I worked full-time and had to balance out all of my seasonal activities with work. 

Despite the long hours on the road travelling back down south, I’d still come home and bake up a storm with my mom.  Still go shopping and run errands with my husband, and go visit his family a little further down the road from my mom’s house.  I would use this time of the year to play ‘catch-up’ and try to get everything done in the two or three weeks that I have off during the holidays.

The thing is that I’d come off the holidays feeling more tired and no more refreshed than before the break.  How is this possible you may ask?  It totally is possible, by not taking time out for yourself during this busy season.  You can be pulled in so many different directions and not want to say no, because people expect you to want to do all these things and more this time of the year.  Learning this lesson hasn’t come easy, and I still struggle with it, but this year I’m following a few guidelines to ensure I take time out for myself.

Here are 5 simple ways you can take time for yourself during the holiday season:

Pampering yourself.  This is the most important one in my opinion and it doesn’t necessarily involve going to a spa.  (Maybe you’ll get a gift certificate to one for Christmas.)  Take a bubble bath, go get a mani/pedi or if you’re like me paint your nails yourself.  The time that you spend doing these things allows you to zone out and think about yourself.  You will find that you are more refreshed after just a few minutes of doing something solely for you.  When you take care of yourself, you can take care of those around even better.

Sleep In.  Whether you are a SAHM or work full-time outside the home, take a day to sleep in.  Of course this is within reason in accordance to your lifestyle.  If you work full-time outside the home, sleep in a little later on Saturday or Sunday.  Get up at 10 instead of at 8. If you are a SAHM, your on the clock 24/7, there’s no doubt about it.  However, you have to pass some of the bulk off to your spouse and get rest.  Have your husband get up with the kids on the weekend, while you catch a few more zZzZ’s.  A little bit more sleep goes a long way!

Taking everyday one day at a time.  The season is busy and it doesn’t really tapper off until about February or March, so keep a balance.  If you have a to-do list and don’t get everything on it done that day, its okay!  There’s always tomorrow, and even if you don’t get it done tomorrow, sometimes that means that you were never supposed to do it in the first place.

Say “No”.  Don’t feel guilty about this one.  People have absolutely no problem asking you for things, but never take the time out to consider what toll it may take on you.  Also, remember that while you’re saying “yes” to everyone, they most likely won’t hesitate to say no to you.

Let others do something for you, that you usually do yourself. – This can be something as small as having someone fix you a cup of tea or taking your car to fill it up with a tank of gas.  These are small things that you can ask people to do, to give yourself a few more minutes to yourself.

The holidays are fun, and are about sharing and caring, but they are also about getting rest.  Do at least that for yourself, allot some time for R&R.  Your holiday season will be that much better and you won’t come off it feeling worst than you felt before it.

Happy Holidays!


39 thoughts on “5 Ways to Take Time Out for Yourself During The Holidays

    • You are so right! I think all too often we get so caught in pleasing everyone this time of the year, that we never say “no”. I’m glad you have some relief since your kids are a little older. I take it, I should start gearing up for that stage with my son in a few years. Yikes!

  1. These are great tips. I was talking to my aunt just this week and before they had kids, they used to spend so much time at other extended family’s houses. They also spent lots of time with me and my brother. Now that they have their own kids, they stay home for Christmas. I think by doing that, too, I will find I’m stretching myself a lot less. It’s actually been a smooth transition since we moved from NJ to AZ. I have a huge family so who knows what type of comments or things would have been said about this when I tried to make the transition. Because of how things worked out, I will never know. LOL.
    Brittnei recently posted…Crazy 8 Sale! Kids Clothing $12.99 and Under

    • Thanks so much girl! Hubs & I have already decided to have Christmas at our house next year. We will not be travelling up an down the road going forward, because being in the military, we’ve done it for so many years. You have to create your own traditions with your own family (immediate) and people have to respect that. Good on you girl for making the transition and for setting your sites on celebrating in the way that is best for you. All too often, us wives, mothers, and daughters stretch ourselves so thin this time of the year. Its nice to pull back sometimes. So refreshing!

  2. Definitely great tips! I am very guilty of not taking much needed R & R and I am really going to try to do that this time around! I am going to try to say no more often and take it one day at a time! Last night I actually went to bed early, although here I am reading blogs at midnight! But I have been out of the loop for a few days and I miss reading everyone’s blog posts!
    Michelle recently posted…Mom Meltdown? Why This Hasn’t Been My Month!

    • Thanks so much Michelle! I’m in the same boat, which is what prompted me to write this post. Between moving and my newborn son, and trying to be superwoman, I’ve been realizing I need to just take a day to step back. It’s hard, but necessary. It keeps me sane, especially with the lack of sleep! :-)

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