Pregnancy Belly | 5 Healthy Snacks for A Mom to Be

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5 Healthy Snacks for A Mom to Be

Who doesn’t want to eat healthy?!  Sometimes eating healthy can be boring and plain.  I know I’d rather eat sweets and yumminess than to eat nuts and oats.  Nonetheless, this is a very close-minded view of eating healthy, especially when it comes to snacking.

Instead of reaching for that bag of chips or handful of cookies, try a piece of fruit and some crackers.  Dried fruit is great for when you are on the go, whether it be at work or travelling.  Dried fruits/foods are non-perishable and can withstand rigorous conditions, like travelling and transit, that some perishable foods can not.

Here’s what I’ve been eating lately:

Fruit/Dried fruit/Frozen fruit bars – always the best option when it comes to satisfying those sweet cravings.  Fruit is the best of both worlds; its good for you and sweet (well at least most of them).

Strawberry, Wildberry & Lime

Granola/Oats – Granola/oats enriched with protein, like the ones I eat help to keep both my protein and whole grain intake up.  These are two essentials things that the body needs daily. 

Smoothies -  I keep mines pretty simple, but I always add some protein powder or Greek yogurt for that extra protein boost, like I did with these recipe.  The thing about smoothies is that you can get as creative as you want to get, even adding veggies for that extra green boost.  Oftentimes you’ll see people add kale or spinach, because they add flavor, liquefy well, and are super healthy for you.


Popcorn/Trail Mix/Chex Mix – These are your sit in front of the tv or movie watching snacks, however they are great for on the go, because they aren’t perishable.  They will stand up to heat or cold, and last for several days.  You can get creative with these as well, adding candy, dried fruit, or even honey or brown sugar if you need to add a little sweetness.

Sunflower seeds – One of only a few legumes that I actually like.  I will occasionally eat peanuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and cashews, but sunflowers are my go-to.  I can eat these any time no matter what.  I will warn that you have to watch out for the sodium content.  I don’t eat a very high sodium diet, so I never have any adverse reactions like swelling or anything like that, but if you do, you want to eat these in moderation. – As you should do with everything you eat anyways!

Happy bumping!

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