Pregnancy Knowledge | Postpartum Healing Pads

PPHPHaving my body heal properly after baby I extremely important to me. I’ve heard so many things to do before and after baby, that its been a bit overwhelming. The one thing that sparked my attention in preparing for life postpartum was the aloe vera/lavender pads. You make these ahead of time and freeze them, so that the ingredients are permeated into them. I wanted to share the “recipe” for how to put these together, for any of my expectant moms. These would also be good for anyone who has a situation down below that might make them sensitive or possible in pain. Continue reading

Baby This Week | 34 Weeks
Let’s hope my child doesn’t actually look like this, lol!

The Facts – Baby is taking deep breaths this week. The eyes can blink and are open when it’s awake and closed when asleep, and the pupils dilate and constrict in reaction to light. Baby is about 18 inches and weighs about 5 pounds. Continue reading

Baby This Week | 32 Weeks

We are squash status this week people! Again, I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have something that big inside of me. Nonetheless, let’s get to it:

The Facts – Baby weighs 3 3/4 pounds and is about 16.7 inches long. I should be gaining about a pound a week and roughly half of that goes right to your baby. Baby will gain a third to half of his or her birth weight during the next 7 weeks as she fattens up for survival outside the womb. Fun fact: baby now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair. Baby’s skin is becoming soft and smooth as he or she plumps up in preparation for birth. Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. Baby is sleeping approximately 90 to 95 percent of the day. Most of his or her wrinkles are disappearing, especially on baby’s face, as more fat is deposited under his skin. Baby’s hair is becoming thicker with each passing week, so much that if I were to have an ultrasound I would be able to see it on there! Baby will also begin to settle in the head-down position, as the birth is fast approaching.

Baby – Baby has been having the hiccups all the time lately.  At first I didn’t know what they were, but after a little research I realized that the thump, thump feeling in my crotch-region and butt were hiccups.  Its so darn cute too!  The movements have definitely changed that this little one is doing now.  Movements are more stretches, than kicks and jabs.  I can literally feel this baby’s whole body movements many times.  More space is being taken up for sure and space is running out.  I’m pretty sure baby is head down, because of where I feel the hiccups, find the heartbeat, and how the movements feel up near my ribs.  I will find out for certain, however, at my 36 week appointment.  Baby loves the right side though and tends to hang out there majority of the time.

Me – Not much for previous weeks.  I’ve finally picked up about a pound, but with half of that going to the baby the scale doesn’t reflect much change.  My abdomen shape has changed, to which I’m going out a bit more on the sides, because there is just not much more room towards the top anymore.  Plus, I think its due to baby dropping a bit.  My PA seemed to think that this was the case for me measuring right at 32 cm at 32 weeks, rather than a week ahead like I normally do. Sleep has been the same as reported in previous weeks, uncomfortable, tossing and turning and getting up to use the restroom at least once a night.  Belly has been itchy, like reaallly itchy!  Its itchy up higher and on the sides, which is different than in previous weeks.  I’ve now invested in coconut oil to use as a moisturizer, along with my usual Palmer’s regimen.  I like when my belly itches though, because it let’s me know my belly is growing, and in turn baby is growing.

Hubs – Getting more anxious by the week.  He is really ready for baby to be here.  We ordered our pack n’ play and swing/bouncer today and it made him even more excited that we are preparing for baby’s right-around-the-corner arrival.  Everything is becoming so much more real, and fortunately Hubs is ready and confident and reassuring me that I’ll be a good mom.  He’s a good man!  I really feel so blessed.

Next week folks, we will be on to week 33!  This means just 4-7 weeks left, yikes!

Happy bumping!

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