New Orleans Style Seafood Gumbo

Seafood Gumbo

I absolutely love seafood gumbo! I’m not a huge fan of the traditional tomato based gumbo, but I am of the seafood one. Gumbo is an original New Orleans dish known throughout the world for being savory and delicious. It is literally a dish you can dress up or down, depending upon the ingredients and presentation.


What I Used

  • Shrimp – I used frozen for convenience.
  • Crab Meat – I used pre-cooked for convenience.
  • Zatarains Gumbo mix
  • Rice (I used my good ol jasmine rice, but you can whatever type of rice you prefer)
  • Okra
  • Celery
  • Onion
  • Green Bell Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Gumbo seasoning
  • Bay Leaves
  • Salt
  • Pepper

How I Did It

I began by following the instructions on the back of the Zatarains mixture to cook the base.  I added in extra rice, even though the base came with rice.  I let boil for roughly 10 minutes, and then added in vegetables and seasonings.  I let boil again for roughly 10 minutes, before adding in frozen shrimp and pre-cooked crab meat.  Reduce heat to med-lo and let simmer for at least 30 minutes.  *Don’t skip on letting the gumbo simmer, because you want all of the flavors to saturate.


I absolutely loved this gumbo!  It was so savory and rich, that I ate on it for a week straight.  This recipe makes a pot-full, so its great for serving for a large party of people.  Its also good if you want to have a meal that will last you all week, because it will definitely give you a break from having to cook.

By far, this is one of my favorite soaps/stews I’ve ever prepared.  Do you have any favorites?  Go-tos that you like to serve for your family? – I would love to add to my repertoire, so let me hear it!


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On Blogging | Link Parties & Blog Memes


Blog Hops and Link Parties

Blog Hops and Link Parties are an excellent way to connect and share with other bloggers, as well as get exposure. Back when I first started blogging in 2008-2009, there was no such thing as a link party or blog hop. I mainly blogged in the fashion and beauty niche back then, and even dabbled in the food/baking niche. I found it very difficult to connect with others in those niches and share and connect. Twitter had just started up, Facebook Fan Page were new as well, and there was no Instagram, Google +, or Pinterest. I mainly connected with those in my niches via Flickr, ning networks, and Youtube. Since I’ve returned to blogging about 5 months ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see the many ways in which bloggers now connect. Bloggers have maximum exposure giving platforms to utilize such as Pinterest and super quick ways of connecting and sharing through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They also have Google +, which is a great resource for SEO and exposure as well. Additionally, we have these great things called link parties (memes, blog hops, etc…). I think they are a great idea, but a few months back I came across a very negative post them, and blogged about it here. I was enthralled with this link party idea and didn’t understand why the blogger was so negative toward them. Apparently, I was out of the loop, not having blogged for several years, in knowing that these things were not new. I’m not sure when the idea of a link party was originated or who did it, but they were definitely on to something. Continue reading

Take Online Arts & Crafts Classes With Craftsy

I know you all have seen me posts a couple of times about Craftsy and the classes they offer, however I never really told you about Craftsy.  I want to shed a little more light on Craftsy and what they offer, because its on of the coolest concepts for on-line learning.

What is Craftsy?
Craftsy is a worldwide craft community offering online classes. It also has a patterns marketplace where independent designers can sell their patterns; a supplies shop with great deals on yarn, fabric, and class kits; and a projects section where members share pictures of their latest craft successes. With over two million members and counting, Craftsy has something for just about everyone, in categories ranging from quilting, sewing, knitting, painting, photography, cooking, and more. Continue reading