10 Random Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I love random facts.  As a matter of fact, I’m that person you want on your team when you’re playing trivial pursuit.  I thought I’d tell you all 10 random things about me, well because I think its always fun to learn fun facts about people.

1. Bootcut jeans are my favorite cut of jeans. – I know everyone loves skinny jeans, but for the life of me I just can’t get with them. Funny, because I’m usually on top of all the fashion trends.

2. I tried to get the most out of college in the least amount of time. – I had a major, emphasis, and minor. In other news when people ask me what I have my degree in, I pretty much say an entire sentence.

3. I hate clusters of holes. – Okay let me explain. Things like beehives, hornet/wasp nests, and anything like that. Ugh!  They give me the heebie jeebies, or as my husband says “they make my teeth itch”.

4. I file my nails several times a week. – I seriously file them like 3 times a week. To piggyback off of that, my finger and toenails grow extremely fast.

5. I love chocolate candy, but every so often I have to satisfy my fruity craving. – My favorite fruit candies are Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, and Gummy Bears/Worms. I also have affinity for gumballs. If you read any of my Top 10 list that I did when I was pregnant you probably already knew this.

6. I despise being cold! – My husband does too, so during the winter we keep our heat in the 75-80 range. Our gas bill was $200+ one time last winter.

7. I learned how to apply makeup from watching YouTube tutorials. – I used to actually do video tutorials myself, but in recent years I fell off from doing them. Between joining the military (and not wearing makeup daily) and having such a busy schedule, I’m lucky to even get a face of makeup on a typical day.

8. I’m super sensitive to smells. – I always have been. I have a strange phobia of smelling people’s body odor, especially breath. I oftentimes hold my breath when people are talking to me where it’s close enough for me to smell it. I’d rather not smell their breath, than to smell it and get a bad impression of them. First impressions are lasting.

9. I have a 3-step showering routine. – I wash my face first, then wash my entire body with my Dove unscented bar soap, then wash just my arms and legs with my fave Bath & Body Works shower gel. Oh yeah, and I only use Dove unscented bar soap and Bath & Body Works shower gels. No other brands.

10. I’m a meticulous clutterbug. – I have a hard time throwing away things. This includes physical and non-physical (like pictures on my phone or camera) things. However, I hate messes. So it’s controlled chaos usually. I have a bunch of stuff, but it organized neatly for the most part and I always (unless my husband moves it) know where everything is.

I’d love to read about your random facts!  Feel free to link up yours below.