New PicMonkey Fall & Halloween Themes

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I have posted about how awesome PicMonkey is before, but they just came out with a new Fall theme a few weeks ago. If you’re like me, then you look forward to updates for just about anything. I’m really feeling the new Fall theme and everything that comes with it. I’ve already used some of the elements on my blog here and here. However, what I’m most excited about is the six, yes, six Halloween themes that PicMonkey has.



They have a Halloween theme to fit whatever your ghoulish or ghastly needs are. The themes include: Vampires, Zombies, Demons, Day of the Dead, Witches, and Trick or Treat. I have already used elements from many of the themes to create printables, enhancements for my blog, and edit and add to images.



Oh yeah and in case you didn’t know PicMonkey has a Royale program with even more fun features you can upgrade to for just $5/mo. The great thing is that you can join their affiliate program after you upgrade. The affiliate program allows you to make some pocket change from those who sign up for PicMonkey, so in essence, that $5 a month you’re paying for the Royale upgrade ends up being free. You can sign up here using my link (and yes, full disclosure I will receive a commission if you do so) or directly from PicMonkey’s website.

In order to join their affiliate program, you will have to sign up for it through Shareasale. It’s very easy and I broke down how to do it in this post. So, if you haven’t checked out the new theme and the Halloween ones, you can do so here. PicMonkey also has Back to School, Winter, Valentine’s Day, and some other fun themes that you can use. One of my faves to use is the Valentine’s Day theme, because it’s so pretty, girl, and feminine. I’m sure PicMonkey will be coming out with even more themes so, since the holidays are right around the corner. You can visit their blog to stay updated on what new releases they come out with. Just go to, scroll to the bottom, and in the left corner you will see the link to their blog. They also have a Facebook and Twitter you can follow, the links are on their website as well.

Fun times!


10 thoughts on “New PicMonkey Fall & Halloween Themes

  1. Hey girl! I have signed up for shareasale and I will definitely sign up for picmonkey through you too. I feel like I don’t want to put too much into building and adding things on my current site since I’m going to have to re-do it when I switch! I do love the fall colors and I’ve been limited on what I can use on picmonkey in terms of their features because I’ve been only using the free version. It will be nice to upgrade and join the affiliate program with you once I make “the switch!” xoxo
    Brittnei recently posted…My Profile

    • Awesome girl! Thx so much! The upgrade is totally worth it! And I’ve pretty much been able to create everything I needed for my blog with PicMonkey since transitioning to self-hosted and even before. You’ll really liked it!

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