Pregnancy Belly | Georgia Sweet Tea & Lemonade Ice Cubes

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Being the South sweet tea is a staple of the southern experience.  Its considered the South’s table wine, and rightfully is should be.  If your from Georgia like me, you know we take sweet tea to a whole other level.  I thought I’d share my recipe for Sweet Georgia Sweet Tea with  a fun twist of tart and sweet lemon ice cubes.  I love nothing more than a good old fashioned sweet tea/lemonade mix, or what some refer to as an Arnold Palmer.  These delicious lemonade ice cubes give you a milder version of one with keeping the integrity of the satiating sweet tea.

Sweet Georgia Sweet Tea


1 Family size tea bag
8 cups of water
3 cups of sugar


In a large pot boil the 8 cups of water, once to a rumbling boil turn heat off and put tea bag in water and cover.  Let tea seep for 20-30 minutes, then remove tea bag from brewed, unsweetened tea.  Pour brewed tea into a pitcher and pour in 3 cups of sugar and stir until sugar is dissolve.  Add plain ice from the freezer to cool tea off and add a balance of water to the tea.  The tea itself should fill the pitcher approximately 3/4 of the way, so you will add as much ice to fill the pitcher up.

Lemon Ice Cubes

Country Time Lemonade Mix, either the regular or pink lemonade…its up to you!
…or you can use real lemons
2 cups of water
1/2 -1 cup of sugar (this is to your taste, start off with less and add more)
Ice trays

Mix lemonade mixture with water and sugar until well mixed.  Pour into ice trays and freeze until frozen.  Its just that simple.  If you prefer to make fresh squeezed lemonade from real lemons, add in some of the pulp for a true old-fashioned lemonade feel.

Pour your sweet tea in a glass tea filled with your lemonade ice cubes and sit back and enjoy!

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    • Yep, your exactly right! That’s what I like about the ice cubes as well. This is really one of my fave ways to drink sweet tea. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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