NaBloPoMo | What’s In The Name?

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I go by the moniker Tenns.  I like it, its short and sweet and cuts down on confusion unlike my actual given first name.  My parent’s thought it was cool to name all of their kids fun, funky, unique names, because well it was the 80s and the thing to do.  My two brothers and I have all have very unique first names.  While they love theirs, I never really liked mines very much.  The older I get the more it grows on me, but I can’t say if I had a name to pick for myself that my first name would be it.  On the flipside, I feel like no other name would fit me better.  As much as I just wanted a common name growing up, I wouldn’t want one now and I’m glad I don’t have one.  I wasn’t JaneDoe #1, #2, or #3 in school, because everyone other little girl had that same name.  I seriously went to middle and high school with at least 5 Ashley’s or Brittany’s.  While those are very cute names, its was always Ashley A, B, or C, never just Ashley in school. There was always only one of me with my name, and I liked that.

This really came into play when it came to naming my son.  My husband really wanted a Jr., like really bad.  It meant a lot to him to give our son his name, even though I have never been a big fan of junioring a child, we did.  Hubs has a common first name and I was weary to give our son a name so common.  Although I didn’t want him to experience how I felt growing up, with disliking his name because it was unique, I also didn’t want the opposite.  Its  human nature to want what you can’t or don’t have, to think that the grass is greener on the other side.  As we all know it never is, so you just have to be content with what is.  That is pretty much where I’m at with my first name.  Plus, no one really calls me by my first name anyways, so I never really think about it anymore.

What about you? – Do you like your name?  Are you content with it or do you go by something else you prefer?  Do you think names say a lot about someone?

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8 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo | What’s In The Name?

  1. I don’t mind my name. Funny story – when I was born my mom was out from giving birth. I’d been a breeched baby. So, my dad had to fill out the birth certificate. I was supposed to be named “Victoria” but he didn’t know how to spell it. So, he named me “Vicki”. Which I’m okay with. Don’t really feel like a Victoria. I like how he spelled my name. I’m always correcting people who want to put an “e” on the end or end it with a “y”. I met another woman and she spelled her name “Vikki”. Interesting, eh?

    • I actually really like the spelling of your name with the “I”! I’m a big fan of I’s vs Y’s, so I’m a tad partial. If it were up to my Dad he would have named me “America”! My Mom was not having that at all and she won out with the names, first and middle, that she gave me. I have my first name spelled wrong ALL the time. I’ve gotten so used it and having it pronounced wrong. Story of my life! ;-)

    • I like short and easy to say names too! My first name is short, and I think its easy to say, but most people still get it wrong. I really like Sawyer and Tucker, they remind me of the Old West for some reason.

  2. You know I was waiting for the ‘great reveal’ of your full name…LOL

    I know what you mean about having a common name. I mean come on my name is Tiffany and I was always one of no less than 3 in my class. It didn’t help that my last name started with a “T” so I was also at the end of the Tiffany roll call…LOL
    Tiffany recently posted…NaBloPoMo November {8} – I Can Do Daily…My Profile

    • Lol, I like to keep ‘em guessing! I debated putting it in the post, but then the post would have been like 5 paragraphs. I actually really like looking into the meaning of names, and how names fit people and such. Literally, my post would have been all about that and I would have gotten completely off subject.

      I went to school with a good bit of Tiffany’s too! I had a bestfriend named Tabitha in school, and she always wished her name was Tiffany. She thought it was a spunkier, cuter name…I agreed!

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