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Yep, its hump day…so I’m here with my “so what’s” to get over the hump!  Two more days till the weekend, yay!
So what…if I’m on an ice cream fix this week.  I blame it on pregnancy ;-)
So what…that although I’m happy we are having some cooler weather here in Va, that I’m not ready to let go of the 90-degree days.  What can I say, I’m from the South.
So what…if my toes need to be painted.  Do you know how hard it is to paint your toes while 7 months pregnant?!
So what…that I’m over summetime tv.  Although I’m not quite ready for the Fall, I’m ready for Fall tv.  I’m not sure how much I will be watching with a brand new baby, but any little bit I can squeeze in will be good.
So what…that I totally wish I could work half days at work.  I get sooo sleepy after lunch.  I’ll take the extended lunches, in which I usually nap for about 30 minutes in the meantime.
Alright party people, that’s all I got for now.
Happy Hump Day, or as I like to say Happy Hump Day, Bump Day!


Thing’s I’m Loving | The Top 10 [7.21 - 7.27]

Here’s what I’m loving lately! What about you??
1. Tide Vivid White & Bright Detergent
2. Nature Valley Granola
3. Coupons
4. Cranberry Coast Dried Cranberries
5. Chocolate Milk
6. Baby Kicks!
7. My cell phone cover
8. Skirts
9. Cantaloupe
10. Nectarines/Plums
*Bonus:  Jay-Z’s Tom Ford
Happy bumping!

Just Thought to Share

Greetings all and HAPPY MONDAY!

As I get my day started at work I always check out for the most recent news.  As I was scrolling down the homepage, I saw an article of the BlogHer ’13 conference.  Of course I had to click on it, since I vicariously attend the conference through all the posts, articles, and tweets about it.  The article itself was pretty straighforward and had nothing altogether too negative or postive about the conference or bloggers for that matter.  It gave some surface level insight into the current blogging world, mainly focusing on how the bulk of these bloggers are “blogger mommies”.  They describe these women as stay-at-home moms who pretty much are able to make a job out of their blog and draw some substantial income, comparable to that of a full-time job.  This is the true for many in the community, but not all.  I’m an active duty service-member who works full-time and blog part-time.  I’m also an expectant mother, that has been blogging for years, but this is the first time I’ve actually stuck with it and gained a following.  I will soon be taking on the role of stay-at-home mom once baby gets here and if I can still contribute to society in some way inside of the home,while drawing an income then hey, I’m all for it.

Anyhow, just wanted to share the article with you all since the comments were pretty colorful.  I even logged in an replied to one, because it was such a silly one putting down bloggers, or at least “mommy bloggers”.

Here is the original article for your viewing and reading pleasure:

Happy bumping!


Strawberry Infused Sweet Tea~Lemonade Popsicles

Strawberry Infused Sweet Tea~Lemonade Popsicles |
I had the wise idea to whip up some popsicles, since I had been jonesin to use my new molds.  I figured, “what creative twist can I make on the ol’ fruit infused popsicle?”.
Well, I am here to tell you that since I had just made some sweet tea and had some Country Time Lemonade on hand, I decided to combined the two and throw in some strawberries and voila!  Out came these fun and unique popsicles.  They are somewhat of a fun, mature summer time treat.  The recipe is super minimalist, only requiring the three ingredients and popsicle mold.  IMG_0803
What I used:
Sweet Tea – you can visit this post for my recipe on how to make sweet tea
1 scoop of Country Time Lemonade
4 strawberries
How I did it:
The mold I used makes 6 popsicles, so I only needed about 1 cup of sweet tea.  I combined the sweet tea and 1 scoop of Country Time lemonade in a measuring cup.
I diced the four strawberries and dropped equals amounts of them into the molds.
I poured the sweet tea-lemonade mixture into the mold, put the tops on them and froze them until solid.
*Prior to removing the popsicle from the mold, run the mold under the water so that the popsicle will release from the mold smoothly and the holder coming out of the bottom of the popsicle.
You can make these with unsweetened tea and fresh lemonade if you want to get fancy, I just used what I like and had on hand.  Another take on these would be to add mint for a refreshing feel to the popsicles.
I had a little bit of sweet tea~lemonade left over, so I enjoyed a lovely glass of it while waiting for my popsicles to set up.
The finished product!
Strawberry Infused Sweet Tea~Lemonade Popsicles |

Happy bumping!


2nd Trimester In Review

Second Trimester In Review

Since I’m officially in the third trimester, I though I’d post a review (in pictures) of me throughout the second trimester.

I have been doing updates on my blog since 17 weeks, so I’ll spare you an entire recap on the trimester. You can always read through what was going on in each weekly update.  I also have a channel where I post weekly update videos, so you can see me live and kinda in person there.

Second Trimester Collage

All in all, the second trimester wasn’t bad at all.  I’ll say that I didn’t really have the whole honeymoon affect that they talk about.  Your supposed to get this great boost of energy and feel great, but I pretty much felt the same as I felt in the first trimester. The major differences were appetite increase (although not much!), my growing belly (pretty inevitable), and no nausea – I think I only threw up once during the entire trimester and that was because I got car sick.

I’m looking forward to riding out the rest of this third trimester and I am so excited for baby to get here in October.  I’m so happy to be able to take you all on this journey with me.  Stay tuned for weekly updates and other baby-themed posts as I progress through the next 12 weeks.

Happy bumping!


Tenns Sig

28 Week Appointment Update

28 Week Appt Update

This past Monday, I had my 28 week appointment. I must say it went much better than my 24 week one.  No issues with weight gain or anything like that, so that was definitely a plus.  I had all the standard stuff checked out, plus the 1 hour glucose test.  Basically, I drank the drink at the beginning of my appointment, got checked out by my PA, scheduled my next appt, then waited about 30 mins to go down to the lab to have my blood drawn.

Alright, so here’s the rundown on my appointment:

Weight:  141 – according to their scale w/ clothes on.  I’m about 139ish on my scale at home with no clothes on.  This means I’m up about 4 lbs from my last appt, because I apparently only weighed in at 137 at my 24 week appointment.  I’m supposed to put on an lb a week, so again, all is well with that.

Blood Pressure:  108/60, its usually 100/60 so nothing out of the ordinary.  I had also just eaten my two eggs that I was supposed to eat about 30 mins before I had my BP tested.

Fundal Height: 29 cm, I was 27w6d at the time so I was measuring really good.  Yay for baby growing good!   Good baby grow!

Baby’s heartbeat: 141.  Nice & strong.  Its been in the 140s lately, I take it that it will stay around there. SD:  Baby was so active that the PA had to chase the baby around to find the heartbeat, on top of the baby kicking and jabbing at the Doppler.

1 hr Glucose test:  Short and sweet…I had the fruit punch flavor, it was chilled and good and I didn’t mind it at all!  Its been 4 days and my PA said she would call me the same day if ym results came back abnormal, no new is good news!  Yay for passing!

Other stuff:  We talked about taking the Dtap vaccine, but I decided to wait until my next appointment, since I was already having blood drawn.  PA asked me about birth classes, which I’m already signed up for next month.  I confirmed where I will deliever, as long as I’m in Va at the time, so reassurance with that!  Hubs & I would would kind of like to know where to go when baby decides it times to come.  My appointments will remain at being every 4 weeks until my next appt, so I’ll have an appointment at 32 weeks and then they will start being every 2 weeks.  That’s actually good news, because the less they need to see you, the better.  I asked my PA if baby was head down since she found the heartbeat low, and she said it probably was but that they aren’t concerned with the baby’s position until 36 weeks.  Reason being is that baby still has plenty of room to flip and move around until about that time.  Some baby’s even flip even while mom is laboring, so you never really know until its time for the baby to actually come.

That’s pretty much the gist of everything that happened at my appointment.  I’ll be updating you all gain at 32 weeks.  I can’t believe I’ll be in the single digits the next time I update, that’s wild!

Happy bumping!


Friday Confessional | 7.26.13

Here goes, another Friday confessional!  I had a pretty uneventful week and as I always say uneventful in my book is always good!

I confess:  I could have slept in every day this week. – Of course I didn’t, but it would have been nice too!

I confess:  My house is not nearly as clean as I would like it to be, ugh! – I did laundry last Saturday (I think!) and it was in the dryer and didn’t get folded until this past Wednesday.

I confess: I did not go grocery shopping until yesterday. – We were out of my mainstays, fresh fruit and milk.

I confess: I did not want to cook at all this week. – Hence the lack of recipes post :-First trimester fatigue is setting back in, oh no!

I confess:  I totally fell off my morning protein drink regime.  I didn’t even make a smoothie this week! – In all fairness, we were out of milk, so that nixed my morning protein drink! :-)

That’s all the confessing I have for this week!
*P.S: Bonus confessional…I totally jacked up this post and pretty much wrote over last week’s!  That’s what I get for taking shortcuts!

Until next time…

Happy bumping!