Pregnancy Knowledge | Skincare…fun in the sun.


Skincare is extremely important while pregnant, especially during this time of the year when the sun is bright in the sky.  Due to the hormones surging through the body during pregnancy, it makes skin much more susceptible to harm.  Although my skin is of a deeper complexion, I still burn, especially on my back, shoulders, and nose.  No one is exempt from the sun’s damage to skin, so diligence is key.  Yesterday at my 20 week appointment my PA told me that there is an increased chance to develop brown spots during pregnancy because of the increased hormones in the body.  That means its that much more important to wear sunscreen and limit time in the sun.  Now, don’t get me wrong I love the summer, the sun, and the hot weather, but fortunately I work inside all day long at my job, so I don’t have to worry as much as someone whose job or lifestyle gives them more exposure.  However, I do love the beach and it will be even more vital that I slather sunscreen all over, especially on my bump this year.  Continue reading

20 Appointment Update

Today was my 20 week prenatal appointment.  It was relatively uneventful, which was good!  I got my second set of labs back and they were negative and normal, so baby is good to go as far as any chromosomal defects that they can test for via blood.  My PA did tell me that the blood tests are only 95% accurate, so that 5% is still there, but I put my trust and faith in God and I know in my heart that baby is good, well, normal, and healthy.  I do have my big anatomy scan coming up tomorrow, in which hubs and I are stoked about.  Baby’s heartbeat was 148, so since 10 weeks (at my first prenatal appointment) it was in the 160s and has only dropped 12 bpm, which is totally normal as babies grow.  We are team GREEN and are staying that way until the birth, so I couldn’t tell you whether it’s a boy or girl from the heart rate.  I’ve read that boys are lower and girls tend to be higher, but as I’ve seen with many that is not an accurate depicter.

The PA talked to me about signs of pre-term labor and gave me some info to keep on hand, just as precaution.  Thus far, thankfully, I’ve had an uneventful pregnancy and I would like for it to stay that way.  She mainly recommended that if I for any reason show any signs of pre-term labor, such as contractions, cramps, bleeding, etc. to go to the ER and get checked immediately.  She also gave me info on classes I can take, which I’m super excited to sign up for.  I have attended two class so far, one on early pregnancy and one on breastfeeding.  I enjoyed both classes, but plan on taking the breastfeeding one again, plus an additional breastfeeding class that she informed me of.  The first breastfeeding class I took a few weeks back was a little overwhelming and I still have 5 more months until baby is here, so that’s a lot of time to forget what I learned in the class.  I want what I learn to be pretty fresh when I have baby and feel as prepared as possible.  The breastfeeding class that my PA told me about said that the lactation specialists who will be at the hospital when I deliver will be the same ones at the class.  She also gave me info on the Dtap shot, which I have already had through the military, but it recommended that I get it again, so that the baby is vaccinated through me.  The main reason is because of whopping cough, which is extremely dangerous to babies. 

We talked a bit more about the anatomy scan, upcoming appointments, and she told me that I’m measuring right on track to where I should be at this time.  She said my uterus is level at my bellybutton, which is exactly where it should be.  As far as future appointments, they will start being every 4 weeks now instead of 5 up to 36 weeks.  She also told me that we’d discuss the glucose test at my next appointment, because I’ll be doing it at my 28-week appointment.  From my previous appointment she hit on the gluclose test and told me it would be coming up and that she would tell me more about it as I got closer to taking it. 
In other news, baby has been super active today and was all over the place she my PA was checking the heartbeat.  Hubs & I went for ice cream at Baskin Robbins afterwards and I don’t think baby has calmed down since the appointment.  This is probably the most active baby has been since I started feeling him or her.  Nonetheless, I love feeling the movements and look forward to feeling more!  Overall, all is well and now gears shift to the scan tomorrow and just enjoying the rest of my pregnancy and growing everyday.

Happy Bumping!


Pregnancy Belly | Georgia Sweet Tea & Lemonade Ice Cubes

Being the South sweet tea is a staple of the southern experience.  Its considered the South’s table wine, and rightfully is should be.  If your from Georgia like me, you know we take sweet tea to a whole other level.  I thought I’d share my recipe for Sweet Georgia Sweet Tea with  a fun twist of tart and sweet lemon ice cubes.  I love nothing more than a good old fashioned sweet tea/lemonade mix, or what some refer to as an Arnold Palmer.  These delicious lemonade ice cubes give you a milder version of one with keeping the integrity of the satiating sweet tea.

Sweet Georgia Sweet Tea


1 Family size tea bag
8 cups of water
3 cups of sugar


In a large pot boil the 8 cups of water, once to a rumbling boil turn heat off and put tea bag in water and cover.  Let tea seep for 20-30 minutes, then remove tea bag from brewed, unsweetened tea.  Pour brewed tea into a pitcher and pour in 3 cups of sugar and stir until sugar is dissolve.  Add plain ice from the freezer to cool tea off and add a balance of water to the tea.  The tea itself should fill the pitcher approximately 3/4 of the way, so you will add as much ice to fill the pitcher up.

Lemon Ice Cubes

Country Time Lemonade Mix, either the regular or pink lemonade…its up to you!
…or you can use real lemons
2 cups of water
1/2 -1 cup of sugar (this is to your taste, start off with less and add more)
Ice trays

Mix lemonade mixture with water and sugar until well mixed.  Pour into ice trays and freeze until frozen.  Its just that simple.  If you prefer to make fresh squeezed lemonade from real lemons, add in some of the pulp for a true old-fashioned lemonade feel.

Pour your sweet tea in a glass tea filled with your lemonade ice cubes and sit back and enjoy!

Happy Bumping!


Things I’m Loving | The Top Ten [5.19-5.25]

This week’s contenders are:


Lush Bath Bombs


Mango Body Butter


BBW Pure Paradise Fragrance


Hershey’s Bliss Milk Chocolate


Scrambled Eggs w/ cheese


Food Blogs…no picture needed, lol!


Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil

Cupcakes…who doesn’t love cupcakes.  And no, unfortunately I can not take credit for making the ones in the picture.  I wish I could though!
Happy Bumping!

Baby This Week | 20 Weeks (& counting…half way there!)


Baby is as big a banana this week, can you believe!  We’ve come a long way from a poppyseed at 4 weeks!  20 weeks marks a huge milemarker in pregnancy, it’s the halfway point.  I feel so blessed to have made it here and look forward to another 20 weeks.  Baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces, around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel.  He or she is swallowing more these days, which will be good practice for their digestive system. Baby is also producing meconium, a black, sticky by-product of digestion. This gooey substance will accumulate in the bowels, and will in essence be baby’s first poop.

Baby -  Baby has been moving a lot more and the movements have been getting stronger.  I still haven’t witnessed any from the outside, but I definitely feel them from the inside.  Baby usually hangs out on either my left or right side, although I have felt him or her smack under my bellybutton (like just now, lol!).  Again, just like from last week baby seems to move most in the middle of the day and sometimes in the evenings.  Seems like I feel baby most when its time to eat, go figure!  I also feel baby the most when I’m sitting down or slouching.  I feel like baby is pretty laid back, but that could just be for now while it gets bigger and stronger, and then who knows!

Me -  I have been feeling relatively good over the past week.  My appetite has been a little all over the place, but I’ve been eating much better for the most part.  I’m liking most meats again and even had steak like twice this week.  Hair, skin, and nails are looking really good this week.  My energy level has been up and down, definitely not consistent, but on the days its high I get a lot done.  I honestly think my energy level is more linked to emotion than actual pregnancy…which could still be hormonal, I guess.  I’m not eating as many sweets, but I am still indulging in plenty of fruit.  This has me thinking…I need to ramp up on my veggies.  I have seriously been slacking on those and I don’t even know why.

Hubs -  Good as usual!  He liked having me at home for the past few days.  It gave him a chance to kickback and not have to do too much of the domestic stuff.  I honestly enjoy doing the domestic things, and can’t wait until I can get back to doing them full-time.  Of course this won’t be until after baby comes…gotta keep that paycheck coming in!  Hubs has been touching my belly more and commenting on the growing size of it.  He teases me all the time, that I’m in denial when it comes to not being able to fit into my clothes anymore.  Its true…he’s right, but what can I say.  I’ve been the same size pretty much since high school, kinda hard to see yourself grow and realize that your bigger than you’ve ever been.  He keeps me laughing though, so it keeps me and baby happy.

I’ll be posting on both my prenatal appointment these week and my 20-week scan, so stay tuned!  Send us positive thoughts and good vibes and blessings!

Well folks, until next time!

Happy Bumping!



First Birchbox | May 2013 Birchbox Unveil

I’m a little late to the game but I finally signed up for Birchbox.  If you haven’t heard about it, its basically a box of samples your get in the mail monthly.  The samples can range from makeup, haircare, skincare, fragrance and even lifestyle products.  For example in my Birchbox I received a Cargo Water Resistiant Blush, COOLA Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face, Isaac Mizrahi FABULOUS Issac Mizrahi Eau de Parfum, Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive, and Runa Guayusa Tea.  I am excited to try out all of the products, with the exception of the tea since its green tea and that’s not at the top of the list of things to ingest while pregnant.  Its only $10/monthly and I think it’s a fun surprise to get in the mail and a good way to try out different products.

Many of the products are on the higher-end, so without maybe someone giving you a sample at the makeup or fragrance counter, you wouldn’t have an opportunity to try it out without purchasing it first.  I also decided to purchase the Birchbox subscription, because I figured once baby is born I won’t have any opportunity to get out and about and shop for myself too much.  Baby’s coming in October, so the means the holidays will be right around the corner, which means no shopping for me, but mostly for family and loved ones.

As I try out each product I’ll more than likely do a post on it, if not once I try out all of them.  Also, the products your receive are based on your profile that you fill out when you sign up for the subscription, so what you get in your box is tailored to you.  If you watch reviews on Youtube or come across other’s posts on their Birchboxes, they may differ from yours.  It took me a sec to figure this out, until I went back and watched Birchbox’s actual video for the May box on Youtube.  I’ll tell you that it was reassuring, because I thought I was missing something.

Click here to visit the Birchbox website if your interested in learning more about how to obtain a subscription.  I will tell you that I had to wait a few weeks to get my subscription, because there was a waitlist at the time.

Happy Bumping!


Pregnancy Knowledge | Breastfeeding

As a FTM (first-time-mom) breastfeeding is a world unscathed by me.  I’ve always read and heard that its best for the baby, especially during the first 6 months of babyhood. Without a doubt I totally plan on breastfeeding for at least 6-8 months. I know there are moms out there who plan on breastfeeding for a year +, but I’m not sure I’ll be one of them.  I would like to avoid formula at all costs, so as long as my milk comes in and I have a sufficient amount of it to breastfeed I will be doing it. Continue reading