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Turn It Up Tuesday {#62}

Happy Monday!  I'm so glad you've stopped by and joined me this week at the 62th Turn It Up Tuesday!  Thanksgiving is right around the corner! And we're definitely celebrating this week on Turn It Up Tuesday! Share all of your amazing Thanksgiving, Fall, and all around Holidays posts here this week! Our hosts and guest



That Time I Forgot the Batteries

SheSpeaks was gracious enough to send me the Duracell Coppertop Alkaline Batteries gratis, as well as compensate me for this post. All opinions are my own. My son's had this little sensory piano since before he could even crawl.  Once he could sit up on his own we started letting him "play" with it, because it has



Turn It Up Tuesday {#61}

Thanksgiving is almost here and you've stopped by the right place to share and get ideas for the upcoming holiday!  We are back live and jive this week at Turn It Up Tuesday!  Welcome to the 61st week of Turn It Up Tuesdays! We're so happy to have you here this week - and thanks for the amazing posts last week! There were


Creative Style Link Up | #bloghop #linkparty

Creative Style Link Up {#23}

Happy Saturday!  I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.  You've dropped by the right place, because we're all about sharing and caring here at the Creative Style linkup. Welcome to the Week 23 of the Creative Style Linkup! Thank you so much for yet another week of great linkups and the opportunity to connect with more


NaBloPoMo | Blogger Admiration |

NaBloPoMo | Blogger Admiration

This post could be pages long, because I have sooo many blogger's that I admire.  I think alone, I'm subscribed to over 200 blogs between Feedly and Bloglovin.  I don't always get around to reading all of them on a daily or weekly basis, but there are a few I try to make sure I hit up a few times a week for sure. The


NaBloPoMo | Breaking Out of Writer's Block |

NaBloPoMo | Breaking Out of Writer’s Block

You guys, I'm failing measurably at #NaBloPoMo, but the topics are just too good to pass up, so I'm continuing it despite being a little backlogged.  The funny thing is that this post is all about Writer's Block and I haven't even really it lately, but I have had a busy schedule that has kept me from sitting down and


NaBloPoMo | A World Without Worry |

NaBloPoMo | A World Without Worry

Outside of creating world piece, I'd create a world without worry.  As self-professed worry wart, worrying can be quite debilitating at times.  I'm certain my worrying got worst once I became a wife, and then a mother.  Now I have two people that I'm either directly responsible for or who depend on me more than they depend


NaBloPoMo | I Know Something You Don't Know |

NaBloPoMo | I Know Something You Don’t Know

I a bit behind on my posts, but I felt the need to trek on with #NaBloPoMo, because the writing prompts are just too good to pass up.  Forgive me!  Now on to the next... "I know something you don't know" - What a loaded phrase right?  Well, I have to agree it is.  In a world where everything new is actually old,


Turn It Up Tuesday {#60}

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you all are having an absolutely great week and that its gotten off to an awesome start.  I'm so glad you decided to drop by and join me, along with host Natasha, and all of the other lovely co-hosts for the 60th week of Turn It Up Tuesday. Can you believe it's the 60th week of Turn It Up


Currently |

Currently | 3rd Edition

The Homefront • Its been a busy month already, but I'm so happy, because I'd rather be busy than not.  Business-wise, personal-wise, everything...its a busy time and its only going to get busier.  The holidays are right around the corner, like Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away and I'm not even ready.  Around here, we start



Creative Style Link Up {#22}

The weekend is here and its time to share your fave posts with us!  Welcome to the Week 22 of the Creative Style Linkup! Thank you so much for yet another week of great linkups and the opportunity to connect with more bloggers last week! Did we mention that each week we will be selecting 3 favorite posts and most clicked



NaBloPoMo | The Mountains, The Snow…Oh No, No, No

It seems like everyone loves the mountains!  Me...not so much.  I'm completely fine with not subjecting myself to the cold all for the sake of seeing the amazing landforms.  Don't get me wrong, I would love to learn to sky or even go snowboarding, but minus the whole cold part.  I hate the cold!  Every year I can't wait