New Year Cleaning Resolution Tips + Printable #LiquidMuscle

This New Year cleaning resolution tips post is brought to you by Mr. Clean as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post.


Its extremely important to me to keep my house super clean, especially with having my 3 month old son.  Cleaning is endless when you have a baby, there’s no way around it.  Now we all know I don’t make New Year Resolution’s, but more or less practice what I preach daily.

Its so easy to get caught up with the ten thousand things that need to be done everyday.  Before we know it, there are loads of laundry to be done, bathrooms to clean, dishes to do, and floors to sweep and mop.  A while back I wrote a post on how to declutter and organize your home, but I didn’t touch on how to manage keeping a clean home in the post.

So here’s a few tips: Continue reading

Gingham & Roses Link Up & Social Media Hop {3} #GinghamRoses


Hey everyone!  Welcome to the third week of Gingham & Roses Link Up & Social Media Hop.  Last week we began pinning blog posts that were linked up.  The trend will continue and all posts will be pinned to the on Pinterest to maximize exposure of your shared posts.

Gingham & Roses is growing more and more with each passing week and I couldn’t be happier to share and connect with you all! Continue reading

Decadent Fudgey Chocolate Chip Brownies


I absolutely love brownies!  However, I usually just make them straight out of the box.  You know, just had a couple eggs, some water, oil, and presto instant brownies!  Well, I’ve always wanted to make homemade brownies, but heard that they were a hassle to make.  I can’t remember where I heard that at, but I’m pretty sure it was someone on Food Network, like Sandra Lee.  The truth:  Brownies, homemade that is, are super easy to make! Continue reading

Why You May Experience Low Milk Supply

WhyYouMayExperienceMilk supply is something I’m always concerned with since my son is exclusively breastfed.  I’ve heard the horror stories from many woman who say they have a low milk supply.  Sometimes the supply is believed, or found to be so low that it doesn’t provide the necessary nutrition for their babies to grow and thrive.  I never wanted this to be the case with me, so I did plenty of research early on.  In addition, I (as well as my husband) went to many breastfeeding classes and consulted lactation consultants before and after the birth of our son. Continue reading

Gingham & Roses Link Up & Social Media Hop {2} #Gingham&Roses


Hey everyone!  Welcome to the second week of Gingham & Roses Link Up & Social Media Hop.  Beginning this week all blog post linked up will be pinned to the on Pinterest to further maximize exposure.

I excited you are here and can’t wait to connect and share with you!

Gingham & Roses was created as a forum to allow bloggers to share, promote, and network.  I strongly believe in paying it forward, and one of the ways I can do that is to have a place for my blogging friends to meet.  It also always everyone with the opportunity to embrace each other work by visiting and promoting one another’s blogs.

Please visit as many blogs as you can, give some comment love, connect via social media, and last but not least HAVE FUN!  That’s what Gingham & Roses is all about. Continue reading

Freebie Friday | Kisses & Hugs Valentine’s Day Printable


Its Freebie Friday again and I’m back with a lovely Valentine’s Day Printable.  Can you believe the day of love is just about a month away?!  The year just started and already time’s flying.  These festive printables can be used for a plethora of things, such as added to giftbags, goodie bags, and use as décor for party planning, or even affix to objects to make more festive.

You could also laminate the labels and use a double stick tape to affix the printables to whatever object you are using.  I strongly recommend laminating, because it will ensure durability.  It will also allow you to switch out the printables to put on other objects or to use again in the future if you plan on saving them. Continue reading