Baby This Week | 33 Weeks

We are durian fruit (whatever that is?!) status folks! I think I’ve seen this fruit in person a few times and I always have to touch it, lol.  I’ve never had it before though.  Maybe one day I’ll actually try it out.

The facts:
Your baby’s brain is still developing rapidly as his or her five senses get ready for the world outside the womb. At this point, baby can see the liquid world around him or her.  Fun fact:  Baby can feel sensation when he or she grabs a toe or sucks on a finger; taste the amniotic fluid he or she’s swallowing; and hear your heartbeat, your voice, and the grumble of your stomach. There’s no air in the amniotic sac to carry scent, but if there were, baby could also smell her environment.
Baby’s crown-to-rump length is about 17 inches. Little one weighs about 4 1/2 pounds and gains about eight ounces every week.
Baby is also in the process of receiving my antibodies. If he or she were born right now, baby’s immune system would be immature, and extra care would need to be taken to keep him or her in a sterile environment.
Baby is rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and his skeleton is hardening. The bones in his or her skull aren’t fused together, which allows them to move and slightly overlap, thus making it easier for him or her to fit through the birth canal. Another fun fact:  The pressure on the head during birth is so intense that many babies are born with a conehead-like appearance.) These bones don’t entirely fuse until early adulthood, so they can grow as his or her brain and other tissue expands during infancy and childhood.

Here’s hoping baby is not in the above pictured position (breech)!  Even though I know baby still would have time to turn before delivery.  I won’t find out until my 36-week appt a guestimate of what position the baby’s in.

Baby -  This little (or rather I say big) one is getting bigger and stronger by the day.  We are talking, taking up more and more room by the day.  Baby makes me laugh when it moves like an alien in my belly.  Sometimes I just look at my belly and laugh at how it moves.  They say baby sleeps 90-95% of the time, but some days it sure doesn’t seem like that.  Little one gets more active by the week.  I probably feel it more now since baby is so much bigger.  I can’t believe all baby has to do going forward is fatten up, mature its lungs and immune system, and overall just get ready to be born.  This is actually a real little person I have floating around in me. – So cool!

Me I have been feeling pretty good this week.  The major thing is being sleepy more, but that’s totally expected and easy to deal with.  No swelling, signs of preterm labor, or any other craziness.  My belly has been itchy, but not to be alarmed, its just the skin continuing to stretch.  I’ve incorporated into my usual Palmer’s regimen, and it makes my belly sooo soft!.  Also, my belly has been a little achy under the bottom.  I take it that this is stretching and possibly the baby dropping more into my pelvis.  I have been feeling some increased pressure in my hips if I’m on my feet a lot.  Otherwise, I mostly still have the Braxton Hicks throughout the day.  I’m doing my best to stay hydrated with water, but I have included a by Traditional Medicinals into my diet. Its supposed to help prepare your body for birth and has great reviews.  My Mom actually told me about the specific tea, but I had heard of such teas existing, especially the red raspberry tea leaf.  I’m very excited to be drinking hot tea again, because I laid off my teas completely once finding out I was pregnant.  I really like the tea so far, and I’m supposed to drink 3 cups a day, however some days I’ve only had time to drink 2 cups.  Everything else is looking good and feeling good, so that leads me to believe that baby is good.  In other news my craving has returned, I’m still loving the Outshine frozen fruit bars, and our pack n’ play and swing/bouncer arrived this week.  Its getting real people!

Hubs As usual he is doing good!  Growing more and more anxious by the day, Hubs is super excited.  He’s even helping me do inventory of all of our things we have so far for the baby.  We got out swinger/bouncer and pack n’ play in and he is pretty excited to have them and get them setup.  I showed him the little Halloween onesie, socks, hat, and shoes I got baby at Old Navy and he thought it was really cute.  I told him its his turn to pick out an outfit for baby, and I know he’s looking forward to it for sure.  Hubs is talking to the baby every day, touching my belly and kissing it.  Its so nice to see him connecting with the baby. He’s even gotten to see some of the alien-esque movements that baby does and feel them.  Hubs thinks its so cool!

We are on to week 34 next week, which means 3 weeks until full-term!  Of course I want to carry baby as close to 40 weeks as possible, but getting to full-term will be exciting!  What will be even more exciting is the day baby gets here safe, sound, healthy, happy, and normal no matter when that is.

Until next time folks! 

Happy bumping!



Freebie Friday | Happy Halloween Printable

Happy Halloween Printables > Free from
Its Freebie Friday again!  Fitting with the impending Fall that is coming upon us, I’ve created these fun Happy Halloween printables.  You can use these to add to goodie bags, décor for party planning, or even affix to objects to make more festive.

They are roughly 2”x3”, so you can easy find 2”x4” shipping labels in your local office supply store or on .
You could also laminate the labels and use a double stick tape to affix the printables to whatever object you are using.  I strongly recommend laminating, because it will ensure durability.  It will also allow you to switch out the printables to put on other objects or to use again in the future if you plan on saving them.Happy Halloween Printables > Free from
Download the file . – Please take note that these are for personal use only!  I would never charge for these, so please don’t take them and try to use them for commercial use.  This is why they are FREE for use. :-)
I’d love to know how you would use these printables!  Also, are you ready for Fall?  I am, because that means that baby will be here and that the holidays are right around the corner.

Apps You Should Have! Pt. 1

AppsYouShouldHave Pt.1 |

Apps you should have Pt 1:

I decided to put together a list of my favorite/most frequently used useful apps. Many of you may already have these and use them on a daily basis, but I’ve taken it a step further and broken them down by use.

FBG Facebook/Facebook Pages/Google+ (especially if you’re a blogger) – networking, sharing, connecting, keeping in touch . Pinterest – Ideas

 Instagram/PicStich/Flickr – Photosharing, editing, collage making.
Twitter – micro-blogging, networking, connecting.

Feedly/Bloglovin – Blog/Feed reading.

Ebay/Amazon/Etsy – Online shopping and selling.

Youtube/Netflix/Imdb/E!/GetGlue –Entertainment – Financial

Vine – Video posting

Flashlight – If you have an iPhone, you’ll want this app.


Groupon/Living Social/Cartwheel – coupons and special deals and offers.

I hope you get as much use out of these apps as I do. – Stay tuned for Pt. 2!

I’d love to know what your favorite apps are?  Which ones do you use most often?  Which ones do you get the most use out of?

Happy Bumping!


Tattler Thursday Blog Hop

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Baby Bootcamp…we got suited & booted, baby style!


Baby Bootcamp

About two Fridays ago Hubs & I attended Baby Bootcamp, a prenatal class offered through our New Parent Support Program here on base.
It was an all day affair, even though Hubs could only attend the morning portion, because he had to go to work in the afternoon.  The morning portion of the class was the most interesting anyhow, so he didn’t miss much.  Hubs actually got to wear the empathy belly, which is a fake smock like belly that you can wear to simulate what it feels like to be pregnant.  This was one of the main things about the class that I was excited about, so I made sure Hubs was one of the first to volunteer to wear it.  When it comes to pregnancy, I’m a sponge for knowledge.  I do, however, try to stay of Google, because Google is a pregnant women’s worst enemy.  I am taking advantage of as many classes offered either on base or through the military hospital that I’ll be delivering at.  They have a wealth of knowledge and the individuals who teach the classes are always really nice and helpful.

The class started off with us picking out a baby (doll), signing in, and filling out some paperwork.  Easy enough!  We did intros, which was nice, because it served as an icebreaker for all the couples and we got to learn a little about each other.  Hubs & I were the only ones in the class who were team Green, but there did happen to be a couple having twins, and girls outnumbered boys by one.  Everyone wants to know what our little guy or girl is, to see if we break the tie.  We will all have to wait another 5-8 weeks for that one!  We watched several videos covering an array of baby-related topics.  A cool thing we got to do was learn how to swaddle a baby, and funny enough Hubs caught on to it faster than me.  He is 100% ready for parenthood, meanwhile I’m still a little overwhelmed and trying to wrap my head around it.  Maybe because I’m the one actually carrying the child, so I have been solely responsible for it from the day it was conceived…pressure’s definitely been on.  I am glad that one of us is super confident, because we can feed off each other.  I’m sure there will be times once baby gets here when Hubs will feel completely out of his element and I will feel super confident.  Okay, okay as I digress…back to the class.  The video that went over swaddling was called Happiest Baby On The Planet (I think?).  It was a bit unconventional in some of the ways to calm babies, but the swaddling part was good.  We watched videos covering extremely important topics like breastfeeding, infant care, such as bathing and sleeping, and diaper changing.  Many of these topics I was not very well versed on so I was glad they were covered.  Hubs & I both thought that you gave a baby a bath everyday (no judgments please!) .  Our poor kid would be as dry and ashy as a winter leaf, thank goodness we know now.

IMG_1042   IMG_1044   IMG_1045
All in all, the class was super informative and fun.  It was really nice to interact with other expecting couples.  Thank goodness we walk able to walk away plenty of knowledge (and handouts)!

If your are expecting or planning on becoming pregnant and have classes available to you, take full advantage of them.  Also, participate in the classes, the instructors/facilitators for the most part try their best to keep the classes interesting.  Its so awkward to sit there and just see people stare off into space or try to avoid eye contact so that they don’t have to participate.  Participating makes the class more interesting, interactive, fun, and go by faster.
Until next time folks!

Happy Bumping!


Etsy Shop Feature | Zipper Charm Earrings

Zipper Charm Earrings | | ~
These super cute and fun earrings are unique and trendy. They are in fact one of a kind and have a Western/cowgirl feel to them.  I think they’d be an awesome addition to a costume for say, Halloween that’s coming up or just a cute Western-inspired or every day outfit.

They’re available here in my -->Etsy --> shop, and did I mention there’s free shipping on them anywhere in the U.S.
Let me know what you think about charm-style jewelry!  I’d love even more inspiration, since I’m always creating.


BOGO! Back To School With Zoya Nail Polish

Anyone who knows me, knows I love nail polish.  Prior to joining the military I use to paint my nails all the time.  I’m talking like every other day here people!  It was so fun for me to try out different colors, textures, and brands of polish.  Now, its mostly clear on my hands (occasionally I’ll paint them on the weekends or if we have a long break for a holiday.) .  I only paint my toes about once a month, especially while pregnant, because its not very comfortable.

One of my fave, long-time wearer brands, Zoya, is having an awesome BOGO back to school promotion.
Here are the dets:
“Buy ANY color, get one FREE*, because Zoya Nail Polish wants YOU to have the hottest nail colors in the classroom.”
BOGO valid NOW through 8/25/2013 11:59PM ET online at only. *Exclusions apply – See full details on our blog:

Zoya is available in select retail stores and salons, such as Ulta.  However, their promotion is available only online through their website.