Its Been a Long Time Coming: New Blog Layout!

So if you haven’t noticed, New Mama Diaries got a facelift! While I loved my sweet pink gingham layout, it was time for a change. I had been wanting a cleaning more fun, less sweet look for a while, but just couldn’t decide the direction I want to go. I debated many times purchasing a new premium Genesis theme, but with a 5 month old, that’s just not feasible. I have also been busy designing for my Etsy shop, so my blog design took a back seat.  I knew I could do it, but just needed some time and a little brainstorming.  So, I waited and waited and waited, and finally I was ready to make the changes without having to purchase a new theme. I was able to find a highly customizable theme and do all of the other leg work and coding myself.

So here’s what changed:

New Background & Color Palette

Chevron’s all the rage and I love, so I decided to do a Chevron pattern.  I feel its lively, spunky, and has a bit more edge, rather than the sweet gingham.  Its also fixed, so when you scroll only the content area will move. I’ve never had the fixed background incorporated into any of my themes, but this one is really fitting for it.

The light pink ribbon is organic to the theme and I actually really like it, because I still have a bit of sweet and daintiness to my theme with it.  The link colors and posts title are in the same color.  Its a nice contrast to the bold hot pink, and the soft gray as well.

New Header

The whimsical title font, with girly script tagline is a representation of my personality.  I’m happy to have been able to capture that form both a typographic and visual standpoint.

I love the layout and look of the new menu bar.  I chose a font that was all caps and crisp.  I can stress enough how important the look of the menu bar is to making a blog easily navigable.  Aesthetically speaking, the new menu bar is more pleasing to the eye.

New Side Bar About Me Blurb and Section Titles

I had been wanting to redo my about me blurb for the longest.  I never updated the old one after having my son, bad on me!  It still said “soon-to-be mama” and he’s nearly 6 months old, yikes!  I was well overdue (not pun intended, since my son arrived at 41 weeks exactly!).

I kept the blurb consistent with all the text being the same color, but I couldn’t resist some fancy script.  The “Hey!” or section header is in the same font as my blog name in my header.  I used it for the other section headers as well.  I’m feeling them out, and they will most likely change in the near future, but I think they are super cute.

New Social Media Icons

I kept them simple, but again couldn’t resist adding a little bedazzle to them.  They also appear under my signature that the bottom of my posts now.  I need to figure out how to disable my hovering Pin It button that covers it.  That reminds me, I need to update the button to match my new theme! Update:  I updated the button to match my theme and fixed the issue with it hovering over my social media icons in the post.

New Footer

I love this footer!  I actually feel like I finally using the space effectively. 

I really like the fact that I added a calendar.  Also, instead of a drop down menu for my archives, I have them listed out by month and year.  I left the Categories as a drop down menu since there are a million of them.  The set social media icons are organic to theme, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to add them.  Unfortunately the set doesn’t come with some of the additional icons I have in my custom glitter set, which is why I didn’t use them as my main set on my blog.

Overall, I feel like my blog has a cleaner and more simple look, which is what I was aiming for.  I was glad that I didn’t have to take away any thing from my previous design as far as widgets go.  I was actually able to add a few I had always wanted.  I love that my content area is larger.  It was the biggest pet peeve I had with my previous theme.  I had been searching forever for a full-page width  that fit with what I wanted a layout to look like.  Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait!

I’m still debating on whether I want to keep my beloved chevron background or change it to an all white one.  I’ll leave the chevron up for a week and then switch and try out the white for a week and see which one is more pleasing to my eyes.  As with all things designing, tweaking is ever-going, but I honestly don’t think I’ll have to tweak much, because I really like the current end result.  It was a major overhaul, but well worth it and overdue!  Its renewed my passion for blogging and I know it will help take my blog to the next level.

What do you think about my new design?  Yay, nay?  Anything I should add or take away that I didn’t already mention? – Would love your feedback!


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    Pink has always been my favorite color! When I did my blog makeover, I wanted pastel colors so I went with light green or teal. It’s great that you’ve made the most out of your footer. :)


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