What We Ate…Thursday??? An Easy, Healthy, and Quick Dinner

What We Ate Thursday So I know most people post “What We Ate Wednesday”, but I’m doing “What We Ate Thursday” well, because I feel like it and its actually Tuesday.  What a little rebel I am!  No, actually I just thought the plate was really colorful and wanted to share it with you. Its been a while since I last posted a recipe post and unfortunately this isn’t one.   If you didn’t check out my last recipe post you can do so here, it was delicious!  But for real, the real reason for this post is to show how you can make a quick, easy and healthy dinner in less than 30 minutes.  This dinner was ready long before the season finale of my favorite show, Scandal, came on and I’m more than okay with that! What We Ate Thursday | NewMamaDiaries.com The menu:  Macadamian Crusted Mahi Mahi, Yellow Saffron Infused Rice, Steamed Broccoli, and Yeast Dinner Rolls.  How much blood, sweat, and tears did I put into it? Zilch!  Yep, your usually homemade meal ambassador doesn’t make every meal from scratch.  Many, but not all.  Actually, all of my fish dishes are made from frozen fish, and the veggies and rolls, well those are frozen too.  I did make the rice, but all I did was add water and boil.  It came already seasoned, so there was no leg work with making it. What We Ate Thursday | NewMamaDiaries.com Frozen food is the way to go, if you’re in the mood for a good cooked meal, but don’t want or have the time to cook.  I’m not talking about microwaveable ones though.  Although there is nothing wrong with a Michaelina’s every now and then.  Most frozen foods, especially fruits and veggies are picked at their prime or ripest and immediately flash frozen.  Many times this means your getting an even better product than fresh. What We Ate Thursday | NewMamaDiaries.com Those rolls are everything!  They’re Sister Shurbert’s Yeast Dinner Rolls and we buy them at Sam’s.  Actually, everything we had for dinner, we got at Sam’s, except the broccoli, it came from Kroger…or maybe Walmart.  Anyhow, we don’t buy much in bulk, but the few things we do, we get at pretty good deals.  Stores like Sam’s, BJ’s, and Costco have huge frozen sections with a large variety of products to choose from.  If you want to stock up on frozen stuff, they are your go-to places for doing so. What We Ate Thursday | NewMamaDiaries.com The Mahi Mahi was actually a cancelled item and was on sale.  My mom picked it up on a whim because of this, so unfortunately we probably won’t be able to get our hands on it again.  It was originally priced at $17 and was on sale for a little under $8.  Look for deals like this, because stores will oftentimes heavily discount discontinued items.  They want to move those products out of the store as fast as possible, because they want to make room for new products. This meal took me about 30 minutes to make, in which 20 minutes was baking the fish and boiling the rice.  The broccoli and rolls took ten minutes respectively, and we even added butter to them.  Overall, we had a home cooked, healthy, and quick meal an our night was off to a delicious start!

So, I wanna know!  How long do you usually spend on dinner nightly?  Do you make every thing from scratch or do you rely on frozen or premade items at times?-

Can’t wait to hear!


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      That rice is so good! We got a large container of it at Sam’s and it really helps getting dinner on the table quicker. The fact that it’s already seasoned is such a big help!

      I wish I knew how to prepare fresh fish, but I don’t. Maybe one day! Frozen is the next best thing, so I’ll take it!

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      Thanks so much! The discontinuing most likely means that it didn’t sell well or that the company could be re-packaging it to make it more marketable or to simply update it. I have a long background in retail, so most of time when a product is discontinued that’s why. I will say though that like with any product you buy, you always have to be cautious! I keep my receipts for everything in case something happens. That way I have proof and such.

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